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There are many questions about disposable vapes. We will discuss and answer some of the main ones including, “What are disposable vapes?”

Disposable vape devices are the latest and hottest item in the vaping world. Mainly due to the compact size, low price point, and ease of use. Not to mention there are about 1000 brands, such as Elf Bar and Esco Bar making them in orders of magnitude more flavors to choose from. Making them an ideal portable cheap way to vape.

There are disposable vapes with nicotine and those with CBD. Both are the same basic concept but with different uses.

We will define the terms and cover the differences on this page. It’s all about the dispos. Find disposable vapes at Vape Militia.

What Is A Disposable Vape?

A disposable vape is considered to be a single use device. Even though the latest versions are rechargeable, they are not refillable or designed with longevity or durability in mind. Initially, there was no such thing as rechargeable disposable vapes. Now, most are rechargeable and actually have type c charging ports for ultra-fast convenient charging.

Disposable vapes have a small battery and a finite amount of e-liquid prefilled in the device. There is no coil required to change or refilling needed or available. Just vape, recharge as needed, and throw away the entire device when the e-liquid runs out.

Disposable vapes are intended for customer convenience and ease of use and work great for new vapers, as well as those on the go needing ultimate portability without the upfront cost of a full size vape device.

What Are Disposable Vapes Types?

There are CBD and nicotine disposable vapes. Generally, the nicotine disposable vapes have 50mg of nicotine, although recently lower milligrams are being offered. Anywhere between 35 mg and 0 mg are available but not widely available yet.

The CBD disposables are interesting because in legal cannabis states, they have been around for a while. However, the innovation in this product niche has accelerated to warp speed, especially in states where Delta 9 is still illegal. There are almost as many CBD disposable vape options as there are for nicotine flavored ones.

What Are Disposable Vapes Concerns?

There are more than enough concerns when it comes to disposable vapes.

The least of which is low quality devices, e-liquids, and poor customer experience.

The possible issue here is since all these devices are made in China, and 90% of them are filled in China with Chinese e-liquid, there is a real possibility that quality control could be lacking. Especially compared to what is required to replicate that in the States.

here is no potential solution to this issue, and if it is a concern you are legitimately worried about, there are refillable devices of similar size and effectiveness called pod devices. That is not cost prohibitive, where it does make sense, financially as well, to replace disposable vape use with a refillable vape device.

The evolution of disposable vapes to include recharge capabilities that have reduced one potential issue to zero. Which is if the battery is dead out of the box, all you have to do is charge it, and you are good to go. In 2019 and 2020, when disposables were first catching fire, they were not rechargeable. It is easy to guess that 10 to 20% of disposables batteries were dead before a customer even touched them.

As for customer care, after the device is bought, that can be a touchy subject as most shops will not offer any warranty or exchange policy once you leave the store with the device. Some shops, seldom few, will offer an 8 to 24 hr policy for defective devices. You might want to check with the store you are buying your disposable vapes from and see what they would do in the event one failed after you left the shop.

What Are Disposable Vapes Environmental Concerns?

Environmentally speaking, disposable vapes are probably the worst thing on the planet. They contain batteries, electronic components, plastic, metal, and nicotine and it’s all basically unrecyclable, without labor intensive processing. Additional to the packaging that each comes in, more plastic and paper wrapping and boxes. Luckily those are typical items, and some recycling can be done there. However, let’s be honest the harm is not in the packaging.

Unfortunately, as consumers, we are only interested in what is the cheapest, most convenient option, regardless of the impact on anything or anyone. There are plenty of suitable vape devices that work, hit and accomplish the same goal as a disposable. Heck, they actually cost significantly less, but it is not convenient enough as something you can throw away and not have to worry about it again. Unfortunately, after some research, no one else shares our sentiments exactly, but this article from Extraction Magazine comes close. Since we are passionate about the truth, you can except more on this topic from us.

Is the environmental concern of e-waste a legit worry? Yes. Cell phones, keyboards, tablets, toasters, etc are all thrown away every day. Just the same as disposable vapes. The bigger issue here is overall environmentalism and concern for the environment. The irony of a paper straw, produced from recycled paper or not, that is wrapped in plastic, when it is completely feasible to produce both to be carbon neutral and biodegradable with little to no effort using hemp, is not lost on us, and electric cars are not the answer. However, we as humans have to find the devil in anything and everything at all costs to avoid the truth.

What Are Disposable Vapes?

When it comes to being the premier vape shop in Katy that means a lot of things. One of those is testing everything before we offer it to our members, and having an honest opinion to go along with every product and every category and being honest with our members about it.

Such as the hard stance we have on disposable vapes, yes they have a purpose and serve a need. However, they do produce an insane amount of waste and trash. Consumers will buy what they buy regardless of what we sell.

We believe in honesty and complete disclosure. This is one of those topics that is difficult and requires balance.

This is where our core values and ideology that offering the absolute best possible product is extremely important.

Offering a substandard product that already causes an environmental impact would only further exacerbate that issue. With all this talk about environmental impact, yet no one is willing to talk about how to produce natural and sustainable products from plants such as hemp, which can easily replace almost all consumer paper and plastic.

Our motto stands true, Believe In Quality. Sacrifice Nothing.