Vape Militia is a family of vapers who felt that the overall vape experience in Katy should feel a lot more like a family and a lot less mundane and impersonal.

We set out to be the vape shop that could be relied upon and depended on, and this meant being more than just an average vape shop.

Branded initially as VapenOut Katy, but due to contractual issues, operational disagreements, and a difference in vision with the franchiser, a change needed to occur.

In 2017 the decision to rebrand as Vape Militia would allow us to strengthen our commitment to being the champion for our customers, community, and employees.

Our family,

In The Name

We selected the name Vape Militia because we felt it described order, strength, and love, everything we are and want to be.

Vape Militia also explains who we are, and how we feel about everyone that steps into our stores, a diverse group of people that may not be blood family, but are family nonetheless.

We wanted to make a few things apparent and that we had a mission, and that we stand for the overall good. The health, well being, happiness, and satisfaction of our employees, customers, and the vape and local community, are what drives us every day.

Join the Vape Militia

If you have not yet had the opportunity to join the Vape Militia family, we welcome you.

For the many loyal members, we thank you and want you to know we are here for you.

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