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Vape Militia
The Premier Vape Shop In Texas

Vape — don’t smoke cigarettes. Over the past decade, vaping has evolved several times, and Vape Militia has been the go to vape shop in Katy every step of the way. Specializing in providing the highest quality products, service, and experience possible.

Choosing the perfect vape device or e-liquid can be difficult, but with Vape Militia — you never need to venture this path alone.

Since 2014, we have been helping vapers on all levels, from beginners looking to buy their first vape to long time vapors looking to upgrade to the latest vape device. There are a lot of devices to choose from; through our experience and extensive testing process, we know that we have eliminated the unreliable. Thus, making your decision easier by only presenting you with the best options.

When it comes to selecting a disposable vape, e-liquid flavor or vape device, the decision can be tricky. However, Vape Militia has it down to a science. Whatever you are looking for in an e-liquid, the staff at Vape Militia has firsthand knowledge of every flavor on the shelves.

From our inception in 2014, we set out with the idea that if we were not providing the best service, product, and experience, it was not worth doing; our members know that. We continue to strive for that ultimate goal every day.

That is why we say, Believe In Quality, Sacrifice Nothing. This is not just our motto but the standard we expect from ourselves and the brands we carry.

Visit the Vape Shop At Vape Militia for the ultimate experience.

Vape Militia
More Than Just Your Average Smoke Shop

Just like everything else you have come to know and love from Vape Militia, we are now the choice Smoke Shop in Katy. Setting the bar higher than ever by stocking the best and latest and providing advice and knowledge for all smoke shop products. We are just doing exactly what we do for vape and cbd, with everything you would find in a smoke shop. We plan to continue to expand and grow to meet all our members’ needs.

From stylish, handmade, artistic glass to everyday use pipes, bowls, one-hitters, rigs, and bangers and the latest technologically advanced dry vaporizers and electronic rigs to fit every budget.

You won’t find a more commanding presentation of American Made artisan glass in Katy. American made glass is the model smoking device when it comes to purity in flavor and style.

American-made from the highest-quality materials, our glass art masterpieces allow you to taste all the flavors you crave and do it with style. Among our highly sought-after collections, there are uniquely expressive artistic glass pieces that perfectly complement your smoking style. So, consider it — fine art for the most discerning palettes.

You do not have to be afraid of quality, it doesn’t have to mean unaffordable. We have the widest selection of the best options in every price range. 

Check out the smoke shop at Vape Militia.

Vape Militia
The Most Knowledgeable CBD Shop

Inside Vape Militia, you will find the best and the original CBD Shop in Katy with the highest quality CBD products available. We have had some sort of CBD on the shelf since opening in 2014. So, CBD is nothing new to us, new products and cannabinoids are sure to continue, and so will Vape Militia at continuing to Believe In Quality and Sacrifice Nothing.

CBD is a legal, safe, non-addictive substance derived from the hemp plant. It offers a variety of wellness benefits, including reduced stress and anxiety, pain, and sleeplessness — without the ‘high’ feeling.

Vape Militia in Katy is the authoritative source for information and education on CBD. Only the highest quality products from the most trusted brands set a new standard of giving customers exactly what they want.

Relax; your search is over. You have found the best CBD in Katy. We have all the latest cannabinoid blends in stock, including Delta 8, Delta 10, THC-P, and more.

CBD is not intended to treat any illness. The FDA has not approved any CBD product.

When your choice is knowledge and experience with the highest quality, lab-verified CBD.

The answer is the CBD shop at Vape Militia.

Vape Militia
The Premium Kratom Shop

Kratom is a relative of the coffee and tea family and has been used for decades as a natural pain reliever. Its active ingredient is a series of alkaloids from different strains — that can offer pain relief and energy, boost immunity, and provide a clear-headed focus. Kratom is a plant native to Southeast Asian countries, famed for its bold-faced strength.

And, of course, following through on our expectations, we only choose brands and products that differentiate themselves by supplying the purest quality, including shots, powder, and capsules.

Stop by the kratom shop at Vape Militia to explore superior quality kratom products from the best brands available.


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