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  • 5 star review  The first time at Vape Militia Katy location was a success. I was helped by a gentleman by the name of Justin. I was on the hunt for some new juice. They have a wide selection of juice lines. Justin was very knowledgeable about all of the juices and helped me find the right one that fit my flavor profile. His customer service and knowledge about devices and the juices are off the chart. I have found my go to vape shop now.

    thumbRyan Hershey

    5 star review  Easy to get to, and see from the road. Plenty of parking. Lots of stuff inside. Knowledge employees.

    thumbSusana C

    5 star review  Been here a couple of times. Today I got a new set up and I can wait to use it. Mark helped me out , I will be coming back .

    thumbMario Salinas
  • 5 star review  Great store, has everything you would need and always great service.

    thumbPayton Stockman

    5 star review  They have cheaper prices then the places up the road. And everyine that works there is very cool and helpful. From the employees to the owners. Keep up the good work

    thumbmichael amador

    5 star review  Great stuff... Lots of selections but I knew what I wanted already. Better bang for your buck here. Thx

    thumbChristian Estolonio
  • 5 star review  Went there to upgrade my old device. Justin was able to help me choose the right device that catered to me best. He asked what I liked and didn’t like and guided me to the Caliburn line. Didn’t try to upsell me and helped me choose the right device for me. Thank you Justin!

    thumbJoseph Loera

    5 star review  Best Vape store in the southwest! Wouldn't go anywhere else. Great products & great pricing! The owner and staff are polite, personable, and professional. In a new world of essential and nonessential they are above and beyond the former. Go check them out!

    thumbPatrick Bruno

    5 star review  Justin was amazing. He was warm, energetic, and extremely knowledgeable. I walked in not knowing much about my new set-up and he helped me pick the correct coils right away. Very welcoming and informative. First person to treat me this way in a very long time inside of a vape shop. 10/10, Thanks Justin!!! 🙂

    thumbRachel H
  • 5 star review  Had my GT CCell 2 coils in stock, extremely friendly and curbside was a nice option.

    thumbWill W.

    5 star review  Knowledgeable, friendly staff. Will return.

    thumbChey McKenna

    5 star review  Went in tonight and bought mod, tank and juices. Justin was incredibly helpful and knowledgeable about the full line of products. Would recommend this store!!

    thumbAlex Parkes
  • 5 star review  The owner is extremely nice I got a great deal on my MOD explain everything they have every flavor you could imagine the store is really helping get a pool table definitely my favorite Vape store in Texas.

    thumbZach Jennings

    5 star review  Good experience, he was helpful and knowledgeable, but forgot to put his mask on when I arrived. But I still purchased because he was a good salesman not pushy, gave you the facts of each product and let you decide.

    thumbFrances Holt

    5 star review  Great place with great people. Very knowledgeable and friendly. Vape milita is the place to go for all of your vaping needs.

    thumbAndrew Trosclair
  • 5 star review  Great place. Staff is very friendly, very helpful, and they work with your budget instead of pushing the most expensive items they have. Will definitely come back here again.

    thumbGabriel Baldasso

    5 star review  Great service every time I come in and the people there are really nice, Shannon and Heather are always very helpful, usually get the Hyde Edges and they are always in stock

    thumbNathan Bohy

    5 star review  Good people and great service. The selection of juice and kits are large and it's all at a reasonable price.

    thumbYishai McKinnon
  • 5 star review  Been here a couple times and Mark has helped me pick out vapes on a couple occasions. They’re very helpful in knowledge on vapes and have helped me choose the right one every time. Highly recommend come here!

    thumbSomekindof SOB

    5 star review  Great place. Staff is very friendly, very helpful, and they work with your budget instead of pushing the most expensive items they have. Will definitely come back here again.

    thumbGabriel Baldasso


Vape — don’t smoke. Over the past nearly decade, vaping has evolved several times over and Vape Militia has been here for vapers in Katy all the way. Providing the highest quality products, service and experience possible. Vaping delivers nicotine by heating a liquid — in a more convenient and flavorful way. This type of freedom never goes out of style. Choosing the perfect vape device can be difficult, but with Vape Militia — you never need to venture this path alone. We are happy to help vapers on all levels, from beginners looking to buy their first vape device to long time vapors looking to upgrade to the latest device. When it comes to selecting a flavor Vape Militia has it. Whatever you are looking for in a flavor the staff at Vape Militia has firsthand knowledge of every e-liquid on the shelves. Believe In Quality. Sacrifice Nothing. Choose Vape Militia in Houston for the ultimate vape shopping experience.

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Inside Vape Militia, you will find the most high-quality CBD products available. The best CBD in Katy is at Vape Militia. CBD is a legal, safe, non-addictive substance derived from the hemp plant. It offers a variety of wellness benefits, including reduced stress and anxiety, pain, and sleeplessness — without the ‘high’ feeling. Vape Militia in Houston is a one-stop destination for across-the-board information and CBD products from trusted brands — setting a new standard of giving customers exactly what they want. Relaxation has never been this easy. Feel it, love it — LIVE it. CBD is not intended to treat any illness. No CBD product has been approved by the FDA.

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Kratom has landed at Vape Militia. Quickly has become a dominating Militia member favorite. Kratom is a relative of the coffee family and was used for decades as a natural pain reliever. Its active ingredient is a series of alkaloids from different strains — that can offer pain relief, energy, boost immunity, and provide clear-focus. Famed for its bold-faced strength, kratom is a plant native to Southeast Asian countries. At Vape Militia in Houston, we only choose vendors that set themselves apart for supplying the purest forms of kratom or any product for that matter. Stop by Vape Militia to explore superior quality kratom products and the best brands in Katy.

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Just like everything you have come to know from Vape Militia in Houston, our glass selection is no different. You’ll find stylish, handmade, artistic glass pipes, bowls, one-hitters, rigs, bangers and more. You won’t find a more commanding presence of an artisan glass collection. American made glass is the model smoking device when it comes to purity in flavor and style. American-made from the highest-quality components, our glass masterpieces allow you to taste all the flavors you crave. Among our highly sought-after collections, there are uniquely expressive artistic glass pieces that perfectly complement your smoking style. Consider it — fine art for the most discerning palettes. Stand out from the crowd with a new glass piece from the only American glass collection in Katy at Vape Militia.

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