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Edibles, disposables, carts and topicals in all available cannabinoids, including Delta 8, Delta 10, THC-O and THC-P.

CBD Edibles

CBD edibles are available in several different types and cannabinoids. From gummies to chocolates to baked goods and candies. Delta 8, Delta 10, and Delta 9 as well as proprietary blends created by each brand.

CBD Gummies

With multiple different flavors, strengths, and cannabinoid profiles of CBD gummies, Vape Militia has the best selection, including Delta 8 gummies.

CBD Carts

If you want to try a delta 8 cart but do not have a battery, check out our Cart Battery selection.

CBD Disposable Vapes

A no-hassle, convenient option to vape your CBD. Try a delta 8 disposable, an all in one, rechargeable option.

Vape Militia – CBD Shop In Katy

Since 2014 Vape Militia’s mission has been to bring the highest quality products and the best service and product education.

Looking for the best CBD shop in Texas? Then, stop by 916 South Mason Rd Suite 200, Katy, Tx 77450 and visit the number one CBD shop in Katy.

Vape Militia CBD Katy FAQ

Why Is Vape Militia the best CBD shop in Katy Tx?
First, let us say. We are not saying there are zero other good CBD shops in Katy.

We take a different approach; our members come first. Our interest is in providing each one of our members with the unique experience of suggesting the best option based on need and only from the highest quality products available.