CBD Edibles

Just a brief history on edibles.

Some form of “CBD edible” has been around since nearly the beginning of the CBD timeline. Early forms were not truly “edible.” It was more orally administered because the earliest options were capsules containing pure CBD isolate. These worked for people that did not want to vape or smoke their way to CBD bliss.

However, there were drawbacks. Vape Militia always felt that there were better ways to benefit from CBD than capsules.

This study from way back in 2009 told us all we needed to know about simply swallowing CBD.

The 4 to 20% absorption rate made this form of CBD in low doses ineffective. However, CBD capsules were everywhere. Why? They were inexpensive to make and easily blended with other ingredients such as caffeine or melatonin and could be sold for a premium in the early days. Thus, giving the appearance that the CBD was actually doing something when that was not really the case. So in the early days of CBD, either ignorance or greed made CBD look like snake oil.

Fortunately, we knew better. At the time, vaping or smoking, tincture, and what limited amount of gummies existed were much more effective.

Fast forward a few years to 2022, and the game has completely shifted. More research and better extraction processes have given us products and options to choose from that would have been beyond our wildest dreams in 2017. In addition, the discovery and introduction of new and more potent cannabinoids, such as Delta 8 and THCP, has started a new era in CBD edibles.

As for effects, side effects, and benefits, the results can vary by person. We understand that sounds like a cop out from a retailer that sells CBD products. However, we have plenty of self generated data to back that up. Hopefully, a reputable research firm will do more studies on this topic.

When it comes to the negatives, there are not many. However, there can be some cbd edibles side effects that you will want to be aware of. The main one is, that it is possible to take more than you need, which your body essentially turns into waste. However, if you have ever experienced paranoia or anxiety from marijuana, it is possible to have a similar reaction to CBD products. This is super rare, but it does happen, this is why we suggest starting low and slow, like a brisket, and going from there. No need to go in head first.

Additionally, if you are allergic to pectin, food coloring, nuts, etc. You will want to pay attention to the ingredients of what you purchase.

The potential cbd edibles benefits far outweigh the one real possible negative. CBD has been studied for its effectiveness on pain, sleep, relaxation, depression and anxiety. It is known to lessen these ailments to a manageable level. Edibles react slightly differently than vapes or tinctures and are not for everyone. Some consumers notice more or fewer effects from edibles over the other forms. It may take some experimentation to find what works best for you.

CBD Gummies

CBD gummies are pretty much what you would expect, not much different than the basic idea behind the candy as far as texture and consistency are concerned with a wide range of colors, forms, shapes, and flavors. All with one commonality, the combination of pectin and CBD.

This may sound silly, but our article, “How To Eat CBD”, is a vital part of CBD Edibles, which is why we do a whole separate article on this topic.

Depending on the brand, the cannabinoid content and strength can vary wildly. Initially, the standard practice for a basic CBD gummy was 20 to 25 milligrams per piece.

The basic CBD gummy is somewhat of an artifact of CBD history. However, the advent of isolated and analog cannabinoids, combined with CBD, can enhance and provide a full entourage effect, thus boosting the effectiveness of one dose up to 10 times more than that of the standard antiquated CBD gummy.

In truth, a CBD gummy and CBD gummies in 2022 are two different things. One is a single product, and the other is the entire category of products. “A CBD gummy” is a gummy that contains just CBD. However, CBD Gummies also describe the category, as a whole, as the combined end result of cannabinoids and pectin. It’s important to remember that regardless of the cannabinoid content, A CBD product is a wide range of items.

So, with that information, you will want to confirm what cannabinoids are in that gummy to ensure you get the desired effect. We felt it is essential to make this distinction and informative to let people know to pay attention to what they purchase. One of those reasons is the strength of some of the available products. For example, quite possibly the strongest cbd gummies on the market are now available with over 100mg of cannabinoids per piece. If it is your first go at a CBD gummy, we highly suggest starting with a product with less than the maximum amount available.

Such cannabinoids as Delta 8, Delta 10, THCP, HHC, etc., are now being blended with CBD, CBG, CBN, providing the ultimate entourage effect consumers desire.

CBD Baked Goods and CBD Chocolates

We will take two and a half steps backward after taking two steps forward with these products. So Yea, we are back to swallowing CBD again. However, with a new outlook, new information, and of course, new cannabinoids. These drastically affect how effective these are over swallowing a basic CBD capsule.

We usually just call these CBD treats. CBD baked goods are cookies and brownies and the like infused with the same cannabinoids you would find in gummies or a vape cart. These and CBD chocolates are great for consumers that are allergic to pectin or food coloring or just don’t like gummies. Typically, these CBD cookies and CBD brownies have a much higher cannabinoid content than gummies. This is required due to how these products are ingested. As we eluded to above, we are back to swallowing CBD. Increased strength, new cannabinoids and better pricing make these products more viable than the inefficient capsule.

As mentioned above, our article “How To Eat CBD” is integral to CBD edibles, it is a highly recommended read.

CBD Edibles at Vape Militia

At Vape Militia, we have been in the CBD game since 2014, when only a few vape liquids were available that honestly did not taste great and were mildly effective.

Now with an industry worth nearly 8 billon dollars, there is no shortage of selection or choice for products or retailers.

Trusting someone else with what you put in your body can be a risky endeavor, and that is something we will never ask of anyone. We believe in providing everyone with the most up to date information so they can make the best decision for themselves. Whether you purchase from us or not, we have done our part if we help you make a decision.

All of that in 5 words is simply put as, Believe In Quality. Sacrifice Nothing.

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