Delta 8 Vape

Vaping has been one of the most popular ways to enjoy the effects of CBD. Due to the immediate effectiveness and the overall feeling provided, which can be similar to smoking or vaping the cannabis plant.

Delta 8 Carts

These are basically the same as the original vape tank used for nicotine vaping with a ceramic coil. Sometimes called 510 tanks, 510 carts or cartridges, or simply, cart.

These cartridges come prefilled, ready to thread onto your particular cart battery.

Delta 8 Disposables

These are not too different than the carts mentioned above, filled with the same distillate with a similar ceramic coil.

Although the coil is integrated into a pod and the pod is built into a rechargeable device. The entirety is disposable when the content has been consumed.

Delta 8 Edibles

Edibles are an exciting way to dose delta-8 mainly because you can control the amount of delta-8 consumed. Typically edibles have been in the form of gummies. However, recently, a wide variety of gummy bear free edibles have become very desirable, including cookies, brownies, chocolates, and dehydrated fruit.

Delta 8 Gummies

This being the main category for delta-8 edibles, it still deserves its own section. Although it is our opinion, it will not be the most popular for very long. It’s no novel concept, gummy square, cube, drop, or bear; it is all the same. The biggest issue with gummies is the texture, consistency, flavor, and design can be off-putting for some. Varying in strength from 10mg to 100, find one you like the taste, texture, and mouth feel. You don’t have to settle for a hard, flavorless, or terrible tasting gummy.

Delta 8 Baked Goods and other edibles

This is probably the most exciting category in delta-8 products. With some of the more prominent names in the legal cannabis game getting involved delta-8 edibles are sure to catch fire very soon. Chocolates, cookies, brownies, rice crispies, gum, suckers, shots, drink additives, etc., were all being developed or entering the market when this article was written.

Delta 8 In Katy, Texas at Vape Militia

Being at the forefront of a developing and growing industry is not easy. Imagine doing it for two. Vape Militia takes great pride in doing product and ingredient research and providing the members of The Militia with the latest information, knowledge, and product developments. CBD is an exciting vertical to be involved in because it helps many of our members live a better, more productive life free of unnecessary pharmaceuticals and government overreach.