Vape Militia




Any exchange or return will be made solely at Vape Militia’s discretion and will only be made for store credit.

All hardware sold by Vape Militia, excluding coils and pods, are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. We may be able to assist in making a claim under the manufactures warranty. That may/will vary by manufacturer. Vape Militia claims no responsibility on the manufacturer’s behalf.

All hardware, excluding coils and pods, are also covered by Vape Militia’s exclusive in house 14-day exchange policy, at no charge, only due to manufacturer’s defect. Additionally, all hardware, excluding coils and pods, are covered by Vape Militia’s exclusive in house purchasable 3-month warranty.

*Claims can only be made due to manufacturer’s defects.

At Vape Militia’s discretion, upon inspection of the device, we may at any time deny warranty claims. Due to but not limited by the following; accidents or negligence, up to and including drops, water damage, or any other damage outside of “normal wear and tear”.

Normal wear and tear, i.e paint wearing off or scratches alone does not void either Vape Militia warranty option. Additionally, “normal wear and tear” is not a valid claim on either warranty option.

All original packaging, contents, and receipt are required for andy and all warranty options.

All devices on “closeout” pricing, are excluded from any and all warranty coverages.

All vape liquids and CBD products are excluded from Vape Militia’s warranty options. However, at Vape Militia’s discretion, we reserve the right to offer credit for unsatisfactory products or packaging.

Due to FDA regulations, We can no longer offer repairs on any device.
If you purchased a device from us and are having issues we can still help you.

Stop by the store and we will be more than happy to diagnose the issue and assist you.