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American made glass to budget and throw aways. Dry vaporizers, e-rigs, grinders and accessories.

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Hand Pipes

From one hitters to spoon pipes, sherlocks and dug outs. Read more about hand pipes.

Water Pipes

Including bongs, dab rigs and bubblers, Learn more about water pipes.

Bowls and Bangers

Upgrade your set up with a fresh new banger or bowl. Read all about bowls and quartz bangers

Electronic Rigs

Want to enjoy concentrates and love cutting edge technology?

Dry Vaporizers

Prefer the pretty flowers, but want to avoid the smoke? Get vaporized with these with a dry vaporizer, by Pax, Grenco, Utillian and more.

Papers and Wraps

Prefer the old school, roll-up with our article on papers and wraps from Zig-Zag, King Palm, Backwoods and more.


Regardless of how you partake and enjoy your sessions. You will need to grind it up. Find your perfect grinder.

Rolling Trays

Find a tray that expresses who you are and also keeps you clean and organized. Read more.

Pipe Cleaners

Why buy top tier products and have it taste like dirt?
Clean up your act and your piece. Randys, Resinate and Piece Water bong cleaner.


Need that stash spot? Read up on this selection of smell-proof bags.

Vape Militia redefining the Smoke Shop In Katy TX

Since 2014, Vape Militia has provided vape and CBD products to members of our community, along with stellar service and education. Recently, more and more customers have been seeking the best way to find products to enhance their smoke sessions.

With an ever growing population in Katy, especially those looking to keep it classy and want the absolute best product and service, Vape Militia has stepped up to be The Premier Smoke Shop in Katy.

Stop by Vape Militia and learn the best answer to all your questions and find the perfect product for your next session.