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Smoke Shop

Smoke shop!? at Vape Militia?

A smoke shop, also referred to as a head shop is a retail establishment offering products to customers ranging from tobacco related items such as cigarettes, loose pipe tobacco to water pipes and rolling papers.

However over the last 5 to 7 years the lines between a vape shop and a head shop have become non existent. Now you can find smoke and vape related items in both styles of shop.

Generally, the vibes and feel of a smoke shop can definitely be different than that of a vape shop. Smoke shops tend to be a bit more edgy and are sometimes equated to a dive bar or a hole in the wall.

Vape shops for the most part, have leaned more towards boutique stylings with a warmer, richer feel. Not that one is right and the other wrong, it’s just how it happened.

Vape Militia intends to recreate the definition of what a vape shop and smoke shop can be. 

Vape Militia VS Smoke Shop

As mentioned above there are a lot of differences between vape shops and smoke shops.

Vape Militia is here to bring some familiarity to the smoke shop scene. Offering the same high level customer experience and service and the product expertise Vape Militia has been known for as a vape shop, is now also a smoke shop.

We do carry a lot of the same brands you are used to seeing such as Zig-Zag, Raw and Randy’s and most of the same items like trays and cleaners. However, the quality is in the piece. Vape Militia’s experience proves that the “best of the best” and the ‘best for the money’ are the choices customers want and deserve. This is what we mean by, Believe In Quality. Sacrifice Nothing.

There is no change, only evolution.

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Smoke Shop Glass

When it comes to smoke shop glass, quality is not always the first thing people think of, however you do have choices.

Fortunately, those choices are limited. There is two. American made and Import.

Generally speaking American made anything is a higher quality product, simply due to the scale most import products are made. When it comes to glass products, American made versions use the highest quality raw materials and are also handcrafted.

Other than the increased durability provided by quality raw materials, the hand crafted part insures your new piece is either one of a kind piece of functional art or has more beautifying features that are just not available from the import options.

In no way is this a diss on import glass pieces, there has to be a “best for the money” option and usually that comes with the import option. Although there are American made options that are very budget friendly, unfortunately those always sell out very quickly. This is partly way the 2 options are not top shelf and everything else like liquor and e-liquid. The American made option has some crossover.

Smoke Shop Katy, Texas

Finding a smoke shop in Katy is easy. They are everywhere, just like oil refineries in Houston

With 10 refineries processing upwards of 2.5 million barrels of oil a per day, equaling 14% of the nations production. Just 30 miles east of Katy lays Houston, arguably, the oil capital of the world.

Oil and gas has helped build Houston and Texas into the economic power it is today. Plenty of that has spread out to the suburbs, including Katy. With massive residential master planned communities such as Kelliwood and Cinco Ranch as well as huge retail developments like La Centerra and Katy Mills.

There are many amenities available to residents of the Katy area, including at least 40 smoke shops, there might be a new one every other month…Now you do not have to decide which one to try first.

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