Pod Devices

There are 2 types of pod devices, both of which can be found at Vape Militia’s vape shop in Katy.

One is, what are referred to as pod mods, and generally more closely resemble a traditional vape mod, have a swappable coil, and adjustable wattage and some even have the option for a swappable battery.

Then the pod device, or salt nic device. These vape devices for the most part look like a cross between a Juul or Vuse device and a disposable vape. These vape devices usually only have a disposable pod with a built in coil, an internal battery, and no wattage adjustments.

Pod Vape Devices At Vape Militia

Pod Mods At Vape Militia

Pod Devices In Katy, Tx

There are many pod devices and pod mods on the market today from brands such as Smok, GeekVape and Uwell.

Vape Militia in Katy has tested hundreds of these vape devices and has put the best of the best on display for your consideration.

Stop by our vape shop in Katy and inquire with our staff to see what device might be the best for your style of vaping.

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