Vape Tanks

What’s the deal with the best vape tanks in Texas? They boast deep flavor, satisfactory vapor production, excellent coil life, and have top dog potential — to give you serious enjoyment. Yes, we are serious. Not to be taken lightly — vape tanks are designed to appeal more to direct-to-lung (DTL) vaping, similar to how one would utilize an inhaler, breathing in through the mouth or hitting a bong.

Some vape tanks have more restricted airflow and target mouth-to-lung (MTL) vapers, those who desire to inhale with a more restricted draw — for use with higher nicotine or too more closely mimic the draw from a cigarette — but want more functionality than an ultra-portable vape device. Vape tanks are excellent for vapers who require more vapor, power and functionality.

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What are Vape Tanks

Vape tanks are an element of your vaping device, which include:

Drip Tip

A drip tip typically comes in 2 styles based on size, 810 and 510. This is the measurement of the plug that inserts into the tank. They are replaceable if lost or broken, but only with the same size. Some devices have built in drip tips and others have proprietary drip tips that are harder or impossible to replace.

Vape Tank

A reservoir that holds eliquid and contains a coil. Generally made of metal or resin and glass. Some recent versions are a hybrid pod tank style and are made completely of food or medical grade plastics


The coil is designed to heat up and produce inhalable vapor. Coils are connected to and stored within the tank, which wicks e-liquid and heats it to create vapor

How to Fill Vape Tanks?

When you are ready to fill your vape tank, it depends on the tank you are handling.

Generally, all vape tanks are refillable via a port on the top. Often hidden or disguised by the drip tip or a cap that either slides, twists, unthreads, or is spring loaded.

Usually, older style tanks are refilled via removing the tank from the mod and the base from the tank.

However, what is old is new again.
Pod mods that have an integrated pod that look like a tank are refillable via a rubber grommet or port on the bottom of the pod tank and generally connect to the mod via magnets.

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