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Vape delivery by Vape Militia has offered vape delivery since 2019. However, since the COVID pandemic, delivery has become an extremely popular option for the delivery of just about everything, including food, electronics and even vapes. Especially, for vapers that know precisely what they need.

The easiest, fastest and most reliable, and the only vape delivery service in Katy is brought to you by Vape Militia. The process is painless and quick, sign up, order and get your vapes delivered today.

How To Get Vapes Delivered

Getting a vape delivered to your home or work is simple. All you need is an account with our online vape shop.

Getting an account with Vape Militia only takes a few minutes.

Here is how to get an account if you have been to our vape shop at 916 S. Mason Rd

Go to and click the “red Shop button”.
Then click “Login” at the top right and select “Register.”
Finally, sign up for an account. Use the same phone number we have on file for your in-store account and your accounts will be linked together.
All approvals are done manually but you do not need to do anything else.

What if you have never been to our physical location?

The steps are similar, except we need to verify your age.

Follow the same steps above, however, you will need to send in a copy of your government issued ID. You will receive an email from our system requesting this, just reply with a copy of your ID and you will be good to go.

Online Vape Shop Texas

Online vape shops have been popular for years but recently have come under criticism and subsequent strict regulations, mainly due to underage people making illegal vape purchases.

There are several requirements for online vape retailers, all requiring more effort and resources, such as compiling and submitting each customer and the purchases to the state the purchase was shipped to and requiring an adult signature card, which costs an additional $8, to be signed at the point of delivery and must use the USPS for shipping.

The additional costs and unreliable nature of USPS are not the biggest issues with ordering your vape products online. The most restrictive part of that process is, an adult must sign for the order, or it will be returned.

The solution to all of your woes, comes with Vape Militia Delivery. Since we verify your age at the point of sale, not delivery, you do not have to be home for us to deliver. Additionally, for convenience, we can deliver to your work or anywhere else, as needed. All you need to do is change the shipping address to where you want your order delivered.

Vape Delivery Near Me

Searching for “vape delivery near me” can be exhausting, it’s just not a popular option for vape shops to offer. All manners of delivery have been popular in other states for some time, especially in states that have legalized marijuana.

This is initially where Vape Militia got the idea to offer vape delivery in the Katy area. Additionally, we take member care seriously, and the comfort of ordering your vape products and having them delivered felt like the perfect option to add to our stellar customer service, top-notch product education, and superior product selection.

Same Day Vape Delivery by Vape Militia

If you thought finding vape delivery was difficult, finding “same day vape delivery near me” would be impossible if not for Vape Militia Delivery.

Currently, all orders placed between Monday and Thursday are delivered the same day by 3 pm. Orders placed on Friday or Saturday are delivered as late as 9 pm. If your order is placed after our delivery window, your order will be delivered the next day.

Current local delivery is available in the zip codes listed below.

If you are outside these zip codes, but still in the state of Texas we ship via USPS. An adult signature card is required by state and federal law and an adult over 21 will have to sign for the package.