Maybe the most vital part of a vape set up. Without the e-liquid, the rest of the vape device is pretty useless.

With over 60 brands, like popular nation wide options such as Naked, Coastal Clouds and Juice Head. In addition to many smaller brands that take flavor and quality seriously, you never have to settle.

Regardless if you are looking for a fruit flavor with or without menthol, tobacco, or dessert, stocking more than 200 flavors, Vape Militia has the option to satisfy your craving. What is E-Liquid? We answer the most common questions about eliquid in this post.

Salt Nic E-Liquid At Vape Militia

Traditional E-Liquid At Vape Militia

E-liquid at Vape Militia

Quality and flavor are the 2 biggest components vapers feel make e-liquid more enjoyable.

Sure the nicotine is required, but no one wants to vape an eliquid that was made in a bathtub or one that does not taste like the description. Quality is an important part of anything you put in your body, eliquid should be no different.

At Vape Militia you can have the upmost confidence that we know what every flavor we carry tastes like, how it will treat your coils and that we ourselves would or do in fact vape it ourselves.

After all not everyone vapes tobacco or straight menthol or likes mango flavored anything, but we can make the promise all the e-liquids at our vape shop are held to a higher standard.

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