Depending on who you ask, the origination is a little smoky. Some say in India, others in Persia, and sometime between the 15 and 16th centuries.

Either way, it is a descendant of ancient Arabic culture that has managed to find its way to infuse itself into Asian, African, and European cultures as well.

Invented as an attempt at a healthier way to smoke due to the added purification of the smoke being water filtered. At the time of invention, the new smoking apparatus quickly became a popular social activity among noblemen, and the hookah device became a symbol of aristocracy and status.

Shisha Tobacco

Technically, shisha and hookah are interchangeable words. Especially since the Persian word for glass is “shishe” and Hookah is a derivative of the Arabic Hindustani word “huqqa” meaning “casket, bottle, water pipe”.

However, most references to hookah are to the device, or water pipe used and shisha is used for the tobacco that is smoked.

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hookah bowl packed with shisa

Hookah Coals

Little is known about the history or origins of modern hookah coals. Other than that, actual coal was used, and now coconut husk is used to make modern coals.

Anything being lit on fire and then inhaled is not healthy. Although, you do not actually light these types of coals on fire, nor do they touch the tobacco. The intent is to heat the coals until they glow and then place them on foil that covers your bowl. Thus, forming an oven-like experience for your shisha to be baked or vaporized.

We know from modern dry vaporizers that this form is much less harmful than using an open flame or lighting directly on fire.

Hookah Shisha Brands

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