Suppose you have been considering starting vaping or looking to upgrade your vape device. A vape mod may be the right choice for beginners and experts alike. We will compare the different types of vape mods and other vape devices.

Vape mods are the largest sized vape device and what we call the 2nd generation or version of a vape device. The first is the e-go style or stick type battery similar to an Ooze pen or the batteries that are now typically used to vape CBD carts. The third would be pod devices, which we cover here.

The basic functionality of a vape mod is not any different from that of any other vape device. The function of a vape mod starts with a lithium battery; it heats a wire coil with the power button activation. E-liquid transfers via a wick to the coil, which is heated into a vapor that is inhaled through the drip tip. However, the level of customization, size, and device lifespan set mods apart from other vape devices.

The Best Vape Mods At Vape Militia

As with all things, there are varying degrees of quality that is no different when it comes to vape mods. So why should you figure out which devices or brands are worth spending your money on? If only you had a reliable source for truthful and honest reviews and information on the latest and greatest vape mods. Well, you do. It’s Vape Militia.

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What are Vape Mods?

The basic functionality of a vape mod is not any different from that of any other vape device. The function of a vape mod starts with a lithium battery; it heats a wire coil with the power button activation.

E-liquid transfers via a wick to the coil, which is heated into a vapor that is inhaled through the drip tip. However, the level of customization, size, and device lifespan set mods apart from other vape devices.

Mods can be purchased individually or in kits, sometimes called vape mod kits. These kits are packages put together by the brand for buying convenience and include the device, a tank, and a couple of coils.

How to Use Vape Mods?​

To properly use a vape mod, you will need a few components.

1. Vape mod

A vape mod is a device that powers your vape tank. These can vary in color, shape, and battery configuration. There are three battery options. #1 is internal, which means the battery is built in and not removable, similar to most current cell phones. #2 external, meaning the battery is removable and replaceable. Finally, #3 is more of a variation on #2, a single or a dual battery mod.

2. Batteries

If you choose an internal battery device, battery options are not a decision. The battery is built-in; you only have to plug the device in to charge. That is all for batteries on those types of devices.

Regarding external batteries for vape mods, besides the options for 1 or 2, you also have two different size batteries. There was a third option that is now antiquated, which was the 26650.

The current battery options are the oldest version, the 18650, and the newest, the 21700. These numbers are just the measurements of the battery in millimeters. The first two digits are the diameter, and the last 3 are the length.

Vape mods that utilize the 18650 battery platform are more plentiful, and so are the batteries. The 21700 options are a bit rarer, but the battery life significantly increases. One 21700 battery’s life is roughly equivalent to one and a half 18650’s.

3. Tank

The final main component of a vape mod is the tank. Although a wholly separate and mostly integrable piece and sometimes not even sold with the mod, it is vital. A vape device is useless without a reservoir for the e-liquid.

Various materials are used to manufacture vape tanks, including metal, glass, and plastic.

Most vape tanks are refillable, reusable, and rebuildable. That being said, there are entirely disposable and shorter-life tanks out there. Typically these are made of plastic. Additionally, there are many different types and brands of vape tanks; therefore, how they are refilled and how the coil is changed can vary. A professional vape shop should explain this to you when you make a purchase.

Pros and Cons of Vape Mods


The Con

As stated at the beginning, vape mods are the largest size version of any vape device. However, some are very small, like the internal battery versions, and much more portable than the external ones.

So portability is a huge concern when deciding on a vape device. Unfortunately, sometimes even the smallest vape mod is just too big for the intended purpose. That is where pod devices and pod mods come into play.

The Pro

A larger vape device almost always means two things. Bigger tank. Bigger battery. The bigger the battery, the less you need to charge and the more power you have. The more power a vape device can produce, the more cloud and heat can be created. Thus more substantial or stronger hits are an option as well.


The Con

Typically vape mods are the most expensive category of all vape devices. For two reasons, there are many components, and most are sold separately. Like, batteries, chargers for those batteries, and tanks. The second reason, vape mods have more electrical parts, battery connections, control boards, display screens, and parts needed to connect your tank to the device.

The Pro

This is where the cliché “you get what you pay for” comes in. You are paying for options. Since tanks, batteries, and chargers are sold separately, if something goes wrong, you only need to replace the one part that has the issue. For example, with an internal battery device, if the battery dies, the device is dead. On an external device, if that happens, you will just need to acquire a new set of batteries.

If you lose or break your tank or want to upgrade. All tanks can work on all mods. The only stipulation is that the coil is powered correctly. For example, all coils are marked with the recommended wattage rating. If you vape over that rating, the cotton in the coil will burn faster; if you vape under it, you will have leaking issues.

To the veteran vapor this is a huge plus. The ability to customize your vape experience with different coils and tanks was so popular amongst the DIY-er in the early days of vaping. That is just now more easily achieved with modern vape devices and tanks.

Vape Mod FAQ

What Are The Best Vape Mods?
The best vape mods can vary based on the time and space you ask that question, as new options are always available. The better question to ask first is “what type of vape mod fits my lifestyle?”, then pick from those options. Such preferences as size and weight are more important. Every manufacturer produces mods in all categories, so you will not be limited by availability or selection. That said, Vape Militia breaks down the best vape mods of each type.
Is A Vape Pod Better Than A Mod?
Both vape mods and vape pods have a place in the wide world of vaping. Regarding portability and upfront cost, the vape pod is the preferred option among vapers. However, when flavor, cloud production, and device longevity are the preference, the vape mod is still king.
Are Vape Mods Good?
In general, with all things considered, yes. Vape mods are, in fact, good and probably the best way to vape due to the unlimited ways to customize, providing the best flavor, cloud production, battery life, and device longevity. Therefore, there is no better type of vape device.
Is Vaping Worse Than Smoking?

That depends on who you ask. If you ask the US Federal Government, FDA, or any of the very hypocritical anti-everything groups(most of which are just a bunch of wine-o soccer moms), then yes, vaping is “deadly.”

Suppose you ask the professionals in the vape industry, the Royal College of Physicians (the oldest medical institution in the world), and most European countries, or legit scientists with peer-reviewed research. In that case, vaping is the single most significant advancement in preventing death since the advent of modern medicine.

Make no mistake about our pro vaping stance, if you are under the age of 21 it is illegal to vape or smoke, and you should not do either.

If you have never smoked, there really is no reason to start. However, if you do, consider using zero milligram nicotine.

Promote Vaping via Mass Media Campaigns Says Royal College of Physicians

Consumer Advocates for Smoke-free Alternatives Association (CASAA) has a library of studies showing how vaping is safer than smoking.

What Is A Vape Mod?
In short, a vape mod is a vape device with either 1 or 2 removable batteries or a built in one. Is compatible with all 510 tanks and generally has adjustable wattage.
Are Vape Mods Expensive?
In general, vape mods are not the cheapest option for vape hardware. However, they tend to offer the most satisfying overall vape experience. Hence, providing the best flavor, hit, and cloud production of all vape devices. Of course, all of these are adjustable based on vaper preference due to the customizability of the entire setup, the varying options for tanks or coils, and the adjustable wattage the device can provide.

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