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The ever-expanding world of delta 8 and delta 8 edibles has just seen a serious contender for one of the best edibles on the market. Brought to you by Packwoods and Baked Bags, we would like to introduce you to Coned.

First, before we get to the details of these cones filled with rich Delta 8 chocolate with this Packwoods Coned Delta 8 Edibles Review. A bit on the two companies collaborating to produce this tasty Delta 8 edible product. Vape Militia takes quality seriously, and manufacturer, brand, and company research are vital to always presenting our members with the highest quality product.


Packwoods is a legal cannabis company from Los Angeles, specializing in the distribution of cannabis and manufacturing of cannabis medicated and non-medicated treats.

In addition, Packwoods uses its expertise in these areas to bring some high-quality edibles to the delta 8 market. Since breaking into the delta 8 scene in late 2022, with a slew of Packwoods delta 8 infused products. Including chocolate or gummy edibles, blunts, pre-rolls, and flower, as well as carts and disposables. Packwoods has caught fire and is quickly moving up the ranks as one of the top-tier delta 8 manufacturers in the country.

Baked Bags

Baked Bags is the original producer of the Coned brand. They feature two flavors, chocolate and cookies and cream infused with delta 8. Also, from the City of Angels, initially released in mid-2021, these tasty treats have quickly gained popularity and social following.

Vape Militia is excited to bring you Packwoods X Baked Bags Coned

Before we get to the tasty goodness, let us take a look at what you will throw in the trash after you enjoy these delta 8 treats.

Packwoods Coned Packaging

The business on the outside.

The packaging is for more than just shelf appeal, the packaging of all CBD products is crucial. It tells you a lot about the potential quality of the product inside.

The design on the outside of the bag is excellent and not childish, but any adult can immediately recognize the message here. Reminiscent of a waffle cone in the background with ice cream dripping down the cone from the top of the bag will immediately tell you ice cream on a waffle cone awaits you.

On the exterior front, you will also find proper labeling, stating the amount of delta 8, the number of cones inside the package, and the flavor. As clearly stated on the bag, these are available in 2 and 6 packs, at 100mg per cone.

On the back side of the package, you will find the ingredient list, Nutrition Facts, website and social media, and the QR Code for the lab tests.

Since these come in a multi-pack bag, the bag is resealable to keep your remaining cones fresh with a press to seal closure at the top.

This is an example of how labeling should be done on all CBD products and is the first sign of an actual premium product, which you would expect from any company that wants consumers to purchase their products.

However, this is not always the case. Vape Militia spends the time and resources to ensure every brand on our shelves lives up to our minimum expectations. This is the premier example of the minimum expectations of all CBD products at Vape Militia.

Now for the party on the inside. The tasty deliciousness contained in these bold and well-branded bags.

Size and Appearance

The attempt here is to mimic a miniature ice cream cone. Measuring in at just over 3 inches long and a little more than an inch across the top at the widest point and weighing in at a little less than 10g each. These chocolate-filled waffle cones certainly look like tiny ice cream cones.

With a hash mark textured pattern and a crispy yet brittle consistency, these cones are precisely what you would expect from a waffle cone. These look enticing and beautiful, filled perfectly with what appears to be smooth chocolate.

Flavor and Taste

Simply put, these taste delicious.

First, the cone, which we expect, probably contains no delta 8. It tastes and has the mouth feel of a waffle cone, nothing spectacular here other than it is a spot-on waffle cone. Perfectly crunchy on the first nibble, quickly absorbing moisture and becoming slightly gummy, just as you would expect.

Next, the filling. Available in 4 different flavors, the two original Baked Bags flavors, milk chocolate, and cookies & cream. As well as two Packwoods exclusive flavors, strawberry and mint chip.

The consistency of the chocolate filling is initially somewhat stiff, which is a good thing for storage; no one likes a melted chocolate treat. However, this stiffness quickly fades into a soft, velvety, creamy, ice cream-like feel. These keep very well at room temperature but can also be held in the fridge or freezer to add even more of an ice cream-like effect. If you keep these cold, the section of this article on how to consume them is a crucial read.

The flavor of the chocolate, in general, is perfect. So there are no surprises here. However, if you don’t like mint chip ice cream, do not expect to be swayed into doing so by trying these. The rest of the flavor lineup tastes like that of a chocolate bar.

Packwoods Coned Delta 8 Edibles Review: Final Take

We have all heard the saying good things come in small packages. However, with this one, we are going to go with small packages can pack a wallop.

Let’s start with this; these are strong, potent, and not for the faint of heart.

Seriously, we highly recommend, suggest, and even warn you, please consume this product at home or where ever you plan to sleep, do not drive or operate heavy machinery after ingesting one of these. Yea, yea, we know you’re a badass. Just don’t say we didn’t warn you.

From the time after consumption until the effects kick in will be quick, somewhere around 10-15 mins. This can vary on body type, size, and how fast your body metabolizes this product, provided you consume it correctly.

The effect most noted with these mini chocolate ice cream cones is relaxing. Basically, a full body shut down, there is a possibility of losing motor function or the ability to move, stand or walk coherently. With that said, the mental effect or impairment of your brain is minimal; you will know what’s going on, but you just may have no capability physically to do anything about it.

As with any delta 8 or CBD product that contains a high amount of active ingredients, there is the potential for a slight hangover-like effect the following morning. It is possible even to have some lingering effect throughout the next day.

Which is why we will state this again, take these at home!

Information on taste and effect for this Packwoods edibles review, provided by Justin. Please be aware effects may vary depending on tolerance and body composition. When in doubt, take half on your first go around.

Packwoods Coned Katy, TX

Packwoods has released a flurry of products over the past few months, and have become very popular, including a popularity on Reddit. Search “Packwoods Coned Reddit,” and you will find tons of positive Reddit reviews.

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Packwoods Coned Near Me

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Is Packwoods Delta-8 CBD?

Packwoods is a legal cannabis company based in Los Angeles, California. That has recently released a line of Delta 8 infused products including gummy and chocolate edibles, as well as, pre-rolls, blunts and disposable vapes.

What states sell Packwoods?

It is possible to find Packwoods Delta 8 products in every state where Delta 8 is legal and of course their legal cannabis products in the appropriate states. Check you state and local laws.