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Just as there are different strains of cannabis and hemp plants, there are different strains of kratom. It is mainly named after the region in which it was harvested, along with a color name, which is also a characteristic of that particular leaf; this makes up the naming parameters of kratom.

For example, kratom white vein will come from a kratom plant in which its leaves have very light, almost white veins. Another example is “kratom powder green,” which is also called “green vein” for the same reason.

A third example would be “maeng da kratom powder”, which can also be in capsules. What is important here is the “maeng da,” which is Laos slang for “pimp” or “pimp strength.” Maeng Da strains of kratom are typically the more noticeably stronger strains.

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Kratom Shop Katy

Kratom capsules are the most popular way to take kratom because of the easy nature of just popping a couple of capsules.

These are typically sold in packs starting at 8, up to 16, 32, 64, and in bulk packs of 100 and 300. Each capsule contains about half a gram of kratom powder. Kratom capsules can be taken with water or any beverage you wish.

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Kratom Powder Katy

Kratom powder is basically the super bulk way to purchase kratom and is more economical than capsules. This is the same product that would be in a kratom capsule. The size or amount per package can range from about 4 oz to about 16o z, or 100 grams to 500 grams. Depending on the brand, ounces or grams can be used on the label.

The powder is often mixed and made into a drink due to the naturally tart and earthy flavor.

The best way to mask the slightly unpleasant flavor is to mix into some liquid and drink it—for instance, hot water to make tea or chocolate milk.

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Kratom In Katy FAQ

What is kratom capsule used for?
The effects and potential benefits of kratom depend on the strain of kratom. The benefit potential lies in the leaves, ranging from aiding in relaxation and sleep to pain relief and increased concentration—additional benefit reducing dependence on opioids.
What is Mitragyna speciosa kratom used for?
Mitragyna speciosa is the scientific name for Kratom. The different effects of kratom are based on the type of strain, none of which are particularly intoxicating. Read all about the various strains of kratom here.
What kind of leaf is kratom?
The Kratom plant, is an evergreen tree native to SE Asia. The leaves are the part of the plant that is harvested. It has a simple leaf structure and an elliptical shape with its narrowest point at the end of the leaf. The leaves are typically about 7 to 8in long and 5 to 6in wide in the center.
What does kratom help with?
Depending on the strain, kratom is typically taken as a natural way to affect mood, productivity, relaxation, and sleep as well as opioid dependence.

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