CBD Topicals

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CBD Topicals

Everywhere you turn these days brings, there are new topical cannabidiol (CBD) products. From lotions and creams to serums and salve, CBD is the superior product in the health and skincare industry.

Let’s break the surface, are topical CBD products in Texas genuinely useful? The largest organ of our body is our skin. Brands are finding ways to incorporate this beneficial supplement into the beauty industry.

Many consumers are taking note — and are significantly surprised to learn that CBD can be applied topically. Dry skin? Eczema? Tight muscles and sore joints? CBD salve helps alleviate these issues. CBD-infused salve is a game-changer. Let’s take a closer look at CBD topicals.

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What is CBD Topical?

Cannabidiol, or CBD for short, comes in various forms, including topical creams, lotions, and salves.

Topical ointments have been around for centuries — originating from ancient Europe and ancient Egypt.
They were used as a disinfectant and to relieve pain, fight skin conditions, bacterial diseases, local pain, and inflammation.

Topical CBD products, such as CBD salves, CBD balms, and CBD topical oils and lotions, are absorbed through the skin to provide relief from aches, pains, or skin hindrances — without any side effects.

How to Use CBD Topical

When you ingest CBD, CBD acts on the body’s Endocannabinoid System (ECS), promoting more efficient receptor linkages and supporting enzyme activity and balance. The same applies to the skin, but rather than penetrating the bloodstream, CBD shows effectiveness at a localized level. When CBD is applied topically, it is absorbed through the pores of our skin, allowing it to work with the ECS.

What Ingredients are Found in CBD Topicals?

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CBD lotions are water-based, creams usually have an oil base, and balms a thicker base. Additionally, you can use your favorite skincare product — add hemp-derived CBD salve, and you’ve enhanced the productivity and get better results.

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Some CBD topicals may have bases such as shea butter, or oils like coconut, avocado, or vitamins. These nourishing ingredients are essential for the skin, providing added benefit to the therapeutic properties of CBD.

Benefits of a Topical CBD Product

One of the most essential uses for topical CBD products is for musculoskeletal diseases. A 2019 report from the Arthritis Foundation found that 79 percent of over 2,500 arthritis patients studied considered applying CBD to their daily routine or had already adopted it. Twenty-nine percent stated they currently used it for arthritis symptoms; among those using CBD, 55 percent used a topical product applied to the joints.

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Skin Conditions

Topicals can help support various skin diseases, including psoriasis, eczema, severe itching, and dermatitis. CBD has been shown to inhibit lipid production in skin cells, thus effectively regulating how much oil your skin produces.

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CBD salve can be rubbed directly on your temples. There are even some preliminary studies showing that cannabis and CBD topicals could be beneficial for migraine relief.

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Pain and Inflammation


Sexual Pleasure

From lube to suppositories, CBD topicals can bring pleasure from more than just pain and skin issues.

What is CBD Topical?

CBD topicals are specifically formulated to provide pain relief and help your body recover strains and pains.

CBD salves are made with a combination of oils and waxes that form a semi-solid base. CBD salve gives consumers a calming mood and targeted relief.

Salves are made with natural ingredients that are kind to your skin for natural, immediate relief.