Sorbet Pop E-Liquid at Vape Militia

picture of sorbet pop nic salts

Sorbet Pop E-liquid at Vape Militia

From the makers of Revival CBD comes Sorbet Pop e-liquids. Revival CBD strives to create secure, clean, safe, and reliable CBD products. Years of trials, testing, and research makes this possible.

Revival CBD sources hemp directly from the finest cultivators in the US — Nevada and Oregon — and through diligent work, transparency, and tenacious efforts.


Sorbet Pop E-Liquid and Nic Salt Flavors

picture of tangerine lime

Tangerine Lime

Sour candy-flavored vape complemented by sweet and fruity sorbet.

picture of pineapple kiwi dragon fruit

Pineapple Kiwi Dragon Fruit

Delightful concoction of pineapple kiwi dragon fruit sorbet.

picture of straw lemon

Straw Lemon

Sorbet-perfect mixture of strawberry and lemon.


Peach Mango

Perfect fusion of peach and mango sorbet.

picture of revival cbd and the vape industry

Revival CBD and the Vape Industry

Revival CBD is a team of solid creators. Recently, the CBD maker expanded its brand products to include Sorbet Pop vapes — and it does not get much better than a flavored sorbet.

The small — yet might team — at Revival CBD is doing big things. The brand offers genuine, high-quality CBD at a low cost, giving customers everything they could want!