Mrkt Plce E-Liquid By Vape Militia Houston Vape CBD


Mrkt Plce E-Liquid By Vape Militia Houston Vape CBD

Have you heard the tropical news? Mrkt Plce e-liquid has arrived. With three fruity flavors designed to send you on an adventure, Mrkt Plce is sure to satisfy your tastebuds.
Famed for its unique flavor pairings and commitment to premium quality, Mrkt Plce doesn’t disappoint with these fruity blends. Each Mrkt Plce flavor delivers full-on, unparalleled taste.
All three flavors come in 100ml bottles, are mixed at a 70/30 VG/PG ratio, and are available in zero, three, and six-milligram nicotine levels. Mrkt Plce flavors are also available in salt nicotine versions — 24 and 48mg nicotine.

Mrkt Plce E-Liquid and Salts

Let’s jump into the fruitiness explosion of Mrkt Plce. Flavors include:

Watermelon – Hula Berry – Lime

Do you love a bold sweet-tart flavor? This flavor is a blend of sweet-tempered watermelon, hula berry, and freshly squeezed lime.

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Fuji – Pear – Mangoberry

Boom! It’s an explosion of crisp Fuji apples, delightful pears, ripe mangos, and juicy berries.

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Pineapple – Peach – Dragonberry

Juice up for this delightful mix of succulent pineapple and sweet peaches with a subtle touch of dragon fruit.


MrktPlce and the Vaping Industry

MrktPlce has done an incredible job at incorporating familiar fruit flavors with a twist into its vape e-liquid products. The brand has had an irrefutable impact on the vaping industry. You won’t find another e-liquid that presents supreme flavor quality and big cloud production.
The brand believes that familiar flavors will shape the industry as consumers are programmed to go beyond the basics — and add a twist to make vaping adventurous while entrenched in comfort.