Double Barrel E Liquid By Vape Militia Houston Vape & CBD


Double Barrel E Liquid By Vape Militia Houston Vape & CBD

Don’t be fooled by counterfeit e-liquid brands. Meet the truest, smooth talker of ultra, premium e liquids — soft on the tongue and easy-going on your coils. Recognized as the most prominent tobacco e-liquid brand across the world, Double Barrel Tobacco Reserve promises each batch of its award-winning e-liquid flavors is made to perfection — all created with zero sugars.

It’s no secret, a dose of southern hospitality goes into every batch. Synonymous with luxury, Double Barrel was created for the sophisticated vaping connoisseur as the brand delivers the smoothest, most customizable, and unique vaping experience available to date.

The Double Barrel team pays close attention to detail, which results in an elevated brand experience that contributes to an evolving perspective on vaping. Even the packaging strikes gold with its matte black, wood-backdrop labels, giving you a rugged feel. The artfully crafted premium products immerse you in the world of Double Barrel Tobacco Reserve.

Consumers can be confident in the brand’s high-quality products, materials, and manufacturing processes used to make their e-liquids. Double Barrel sources its nicotine, ingredients, bottles, labels, and caps from U.S.-based companies ONLY.

If you are daydreaming about bonfires on warm summer nights, amply inspired by teakwood and tobacco leaf, or enthused by the iconic lifestyle of the American cowboy — nothing compares to the smooth blends of Double Barrel Tobacco Reserve. Make it a Double

Double Barrel Tobacco Reserve E-Liquid

Double Barrel Tobacco Reserve specializes in the crafting of the very finest tobacco e-liquid blends. Focused on quality and authenticity, Double Barrel’s award-winning collection, available in 60mls and 120mls, delivers a satisfying vaping experience that is ideal for anyone looking for a pleasing alternative to traditional cigarettes. Smooth, enjoyable, and well-balanced, Double Barrel e-liquid makes history with every draw.

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Oak E-Liquid by Double Barrel Tobacco Reserve

Vaping is an attitude. We’re introducing you to the big stars of the south. Swing open the double-doors at the old school saloon — flanked by oak barrels and shot glasses. The Double Barrel OAK e-liquid inspires thoughts of the wild west on a warm, summer day. The bold, savory blend of ry4 tobacco gives way to the undertones of caramel, vanilla, and hazelnut. Labeled the best American e-juice, OAK is for the refined vape connoisseur, producing a genuinely gratifying tobacco blend delivering a delicately delicious exhale that will satisfy every time. Inspire your old-school sensibilities, the vigorous, dynamic, and distinctive OAK writes its own story.

Cowboy E-Liquid by Double Barrel Tobacco Reserve

Meet the all-American lone ranger dubbed Cowboy. The Double Barrel COWBOY e-liquid is a smooth, full-bodied classic all-American tobacco. Backed by ample research, Double Barrel understands the average smoker wants a tobacco flavor e-juice alternative to replace a bad habit — nothing fruity or sweet — just ultra-premium tobacco. Enters COWBOY, the best alternative to combustible cigarettes. The journey of the all-American COWBOY starts with pure American tobacco, grown in the rich soils of Virginia. Embrace its all-natural flavors, with no additives. Don’t sleep on em’, partner!

Aqua E-Liquid and the Vaping Industry

Vape Militia in Houston is dedicated to the distribution of premium vape products, accessories, as well as CBD, mod pods, tanks, coils, vaporizers, glass, and e-liquids, including Double Barrel Tobacco Reserve.

The leading distributor of e-cigarette technology comprises of various physical vapes stores in Houston and an extensive online store. Luxury vaping was born with the idea of creating a point of sale where each person can unearth the perfect vape journey.

Created by a family of vapers, Vape Militia wants every single vape experience to feel a lot more like a family and a lot less monotonous and bleak. The focus of Vape Militia is the community — and educating consumers on a healthier, safer way to luxuriate in nicotine without the added chemicals and carcinogens of cigarettes. Providing unparalleled quality is our specialty.

The highest level of customer service, product education, vape knowledge is what sets Vape Militia apart. The goal is to provide the most excellent vaping products on the market at no-fuss pricing and, most importantly, make a positive impact on every vaping consumer. We endlessly work with exclusive distributors and manufacturers to lower retail pricing — and have recently dropped the pricing on coils, tanks, devices, and other vaping hardware.

Vape Militia Houston creates a lifestyle with premium, big-cloud producing e-liquids. We have partnered with the most salutary vape companies to bring you the best vape products. And we have designed a space where Southern style and Texas traditions shine in every vape experience.

Vape Militia is a place that you can show yourself, share vaping life, and make friends in the high places of Texas. Believe in quality. Sacrifice nothing. Join the militia — we love to welcome you to family. Text ‘VapeMilita’ to 87338. Salud!

Vape Militia in Houston Texas

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Vape Militia is located in one of Houston’s vibrant settings. With its wide-open streets and an incredible array of shops, restaurants, and nightlife, Vape Militia is just steps from all the action. Take the vape lifestyle to the streets, from incredible concerts and renowned restaurants to sporting events and art galleries — Houston has the most opportunities for excitement waiting beyond. Houston is a hub of gracious hospitality.

The products from Vape Militia Houston will have you feeling alive as you tour the city — rich in culture and diversity. Houston is truly a world-class city. Whether you are traveling for business, a weekend getaway or exploring vape products for the first time, you’ll find there’s something for everyone in Houston.

The nation’s fourth-largest city has the best attractions, including the Houston Zoo, Kemah Boardwalk, Downtown Aquarium Houston, Houston’s famous Theater District, and Discovery Green, a 12-acre urban park. Whether you choose to explore downtown, near the Astrodome (home of the Astros), or the hip area of Montrose, Houston is fast becoming a popular destination for the extravagant voyager.