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For Vape Militia this means we will go to unknown dimensions to ensure that we only stock the highest quality products for our customers. Sure every shop can or does say this and maybe most really try. How many say they believe it.
More importantly, how many will sacrifice to do this?
What exactly are these sacrifices? How is what Vape Militia doing so different?

The top of that list is liquid.
Sure it would be easy to stock the “hype” liquid of the week or month and tell you it is the best thing since apples were pulverized to liquid and poured in a glass and served with bacon and eggs.
Hoping along the way you would not find out it was the reason you were burning through coils.
Praying you would not notice the nicotine felt like sandpaper in your throat when inhaled.
Playing down the fact that politicians demonize the label and the FDA criticizes it, for looking like a package of Sour Patch Kids.
Yes, vape liquid, with nicotine, sold to adults, that looks like a bag of candy. (Candy is only for kids, according to politicians)

We, at Vape Militia, call that type of crap, hype liquid. No quality, no concern or care for the customer, the retail shop, or the industry. Just how much can we sell and how fast to make a quick buck.
All marketing and advertising and no quality and no business being in the industry.
Majority All of the companies that manufacture and sell these products can be found online for not much more than what they sell it to vape shops and still expect them to be able to stay in business and purchase more of their substandard product.

We chose the long game a long time ago. We never participated in the cash grab game and NEVER will.
Now, with the looming DEADline that could kill the entire industry, more shops pop up doing the same thing. Supporting shops that are only here for today will ruin the vape industry for tomorrow. If they did do it and don’t any longer, we ask what the difference is? They did not make a decision. They were forced into it.
That’s the difference. That is the sacrifice, we made, giving up the quick buck today so that the industry could survive tomorrow.

Next, yea there is more.

Hardware, so much of it is low quality, breaks down in 6 to 9 months, by DESIGN. We know this after serving over 10,000 customers in our six years of helping people move to better alternatives.
Which is why we offer a warranty, but that is not good enough.
Why sell a product you know, from experience, is going to come back in a short amount of time?
Likely outside of the manufactures warranty?
It only makes sense to us to offer products that will outlast the known low quality and warranty that, better quality hardware.

The last thing and not the least important is advocacy.
The vape industry could become something similar to that apple. Pulverized. By the FDA, politicians, Big Tobacco, Juul, NGO’s Idiots, and Morons alike. They are all over Twitter and Facebook bashing vaping, claiming it is causing an underage “epidemic.”
When the reality is this, people are smarter and more informed than ever before. More people are eating healthy and trying to live longer. Some of these people just happened to make a mistake when they were (check the age range on this, “epidemic”) 12 to 17 years old and start smoking. Now, all of a sudden there is an epidemic.
This is laughable.
These morons, only care because of the MONEY or lack thereof, due to less income from taxes and MSA payments. (We will cover more of this in another article.) Many of these former underage smokers are now in their late 20s to 90s and want to quit smoking because they realize it will kill them.

Vape Militia is part of a group of shops, roughly 100, that is putting the effort and funding behind changing the narrative on vaping. Regardless of the hype liquid companies and the shops that support them, we are making headway. Just wait. MAY 2020 IS COMING.

Now you know why we are not your average vape shop.

Check out our next article MAY IS COMING.
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