Silver Back Nic Salts By Vape Militia Houston Vape & CBD

picture of Silver Back Nic Salts

Silver Back Nic Salts by Vape Militia Houston Vape & CBD

Innovative. Passionate. Distinct. The perfect way to sum up the Silverback Liquid brand. Crafted in California, this top-of-the-line brand separates itself from the rest of the market by providing customers with artistic blends that studiously encapsulates each note of their high-quality ingredients.
Whether you are an experienced vaper or just looking to experience vaping for the first time, Silverback Liquid is a game-changing brand to trust.

SilverBack E-Liquid and Salt Nic Flavors

picture of BooBoo


For a savory combination of dark and juicy fruit flavors, BooBoo is the one. Explore the alluring traces of freshly hand-picked blueberries and grape extract. No wonder it’s a best-selling blend again and again.

picture of Amy


Did you say, Amy?! This mixture merges vanilla bean ice cream flavor with an extravagant infusion of peanut butter brittle flavor. For your pleasure, Silver Back compliments it with a caramel drizzle.

picture of Rocky


Homemade cookies on deck. This blend offers the taste of a crumbling banana oatmeal cookie crust and strawberry and vanilla ice cream — rocky milkshake in the air.

picture of Harambe


Harambe! Harambe! An e-liquid fav containing Caribbean rum flavor and a velvety finish. You’ll fall in love with the vanilla and cinnamon cues to pull you in.

picture of Sandy


Feel Refreshed with the cool taste of minty watermelon bubblegum and an intense strawberry candy shell. Hit the sandy beach on a hot summer day.

picture of Lola


Embracing the luscious flavors of strawberries and bananas, Lola is a fan favorite. Lola has dragon fruit extract paired with a tropical twist.

picture of Jenny


The chilled taste of minty watermelon bubblegum and a flavorful strawberry candy shell.

picture of SilverBack and the Vaping Industry

SilverBack and the Vaping Industry

Emotion and passion are what drives all good storytelling. The desire to create something bold and distinct is what fueled the founders of the SilverBack vape brand. Today, they have reached a milestone in the ever-growing vape community. The leading vape brand has created its own unique line of liquids that every vaper enjoys.