Orchard E-Liquid By Vape Militia Houston Vapes & CBD

picture of Orchard E-Liquid By Vape Militia Houston Vapes & CBD

Orchard E-Liquid By Vape Militia Houston Vapes & CBD

Crafted from the makers of Five Pawns, Orchard Blends is a premium e-liquid handcrafted in small batches to implement the highest quality ingredients.
Each Orchard Blends e-liquid has gone through multiple refinements to mature the best of each flavor note and maximum sweetness — without the use of Sucralose.

Orchard Blends is among the most inspiring and notable e-liquid collections available on the market. Made with the same food-grade and pharmaceutical-grade USA ingredients of the Five Pawns product line, the fruity Orchard Blends assortment utilizes the purest form of tobacco-free nicotine in the offerings.

The result is a smooth, savory, and genuinely gratifying vaping experience.

Orchard Blends Flavor Selection

The Orchard Blends e-liquid flavors are available in Fruit and Fruit Ice.

picture of Nana Berry

Nana Berry

Orchard Blends Nana Berry E-Liquid by Five Pawns screams YES — strawberries and bananas were made for each other. Blending sweet, mountain fresh strawberries with creamy, luscious bananas, Nana Berry E-Liquid teases your taste buds on the very first vape. Inhale and exhale as the banana counterpart harmonizes with the strawberry flavor.

picture of Melon Mash

Melon Mash

Get ready for the best mashup of melon flavors. Orchard Blends Melon Mash E-Liquid by Five Pawns combines black diamond watermelon, cantaloupe, and honey melon to bring you a delicious and succulent tropical infusion. Inhale a delightful medley of juicy watermelon and smooth cantaloupe — exhale for a rush of honey melon flavor and fall in love with perfection.

picture of Pineapple Kiwi

Pineapple Kiwi

What do you get when you blend tasty pineapple, and luscious kiwi — Orchard Blends Pineapple Kiwi E-Liquid by Five Pawns. Diced pineapple chunks and soft kiwi slices are tossed together and pulped until achieving a smooth concoction.
Inhale sweet pineapple essence that caresses your taste buds — exhale and cool your senses. You’ll find yourself in a tropical paradise.

picture of Berry Limeade

Berry Limeade

Imagine ripe, juicy berries floating in a pitcher of ice-cold limeade on a hot day. Now imagine that same, exceedingly refreshing drink — stirred and saturated to perfection. Now you’re drooling over Orchard Blends Berry Limeade E-Liquid by Five Pawns. This delightful, stimulating blend of berry and citrus flavors quenches your thirst and tempts your taste buds. Inhale and experience a surge of sweet raspberries, fresh blueberries, and delicious blackberries all at once — exhale for a bolt of delicious, invigorating limeade.

picture of Mango Passion

Mango Passion

Think cool, refreshing, and exotic. Orchard Blends Mango Passion E-Liquid by Five Pawns entices the palate and regenerates your body, mind, and soul on the first inhale. Creamy slices of mango unite with sweet, tangy passion fruit pulp to create an exotic experience. Inhale the taste of soft, delicate mango engulfing your taste buds in a sea of thirst-quenching flavor — exhale to experience the smooth flavor of passion fruit.

picture of Orchard Blends

Orchard Blends and the Vape Industry

Creating exclusive fruity vape flavors, the Orchard Blends producer produces e-liquids beginning from the ‘molecule up’ so that each flavor remains uncompromised. Award-winning Five Pawns e-liquids are highly sought-after by discerning vaping enthusiasts who understand taste and value — and fruity goodness.