Nomenon E-Liquids At Vape Militia Houston Vape & CBD

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Nomenon E-Liquids At Vape Militia Houston Vape & CBD

What if a single-fruit flavor could boast BIG-GAME, astonishing, bold flavors? And what if there was a brand that brought that big-game flavor to life?

The Boise, Idaho Nomenon e-liquid brand has been at the top of the vaping industry with a selection of e-liquids that do just that. Nome non has created one-of-a-kind flavors derived from a single fruit that embody full-candy treatment. The result is a series of sticky and sweet treats that each captivate the palate in their own unique way.

It’s no surprise that there are many vape brands that disappoint with flavors that just don’t entice the palate like they should — let alone taste like the fruit they were fashioned from. No, disappointment here!

The vaping community has given Nomenon high respect and praise for its flavors. It’s like candy wrapped in real fruit that refreshes the palate.

The Story Behind Nomenom

Created in 2016 — and blazing through the vaping industry at high speeds, the Nomenom brand has a huge following of fans. Presenting a line-up of flavorful fruits, Nomenon takes some of the most popular fruits and delivers vape flavors in a brand-new light. The brand is famed for taking an ordinary strawberry and creating a unique strawberry sweet treat — and creating a tangy blue raspberry delight blend. The brand set out to do something different — change the way a user approaches vape liquids. 

Every 120ml bottle comes in the unmistakable color themed box which has become instantly recognizable in the vape community. The brand has not slowed down since 2016, as it is continually developing new lines inspired by the original collection. They have developed rarely blended fruity flavors to exotic flavor profiles, using the finest ingredients. The only downside to these vapes is you’ll never want to be without one. From the sweet and fruity concoctions of their standard line to the wild and crazy offerings of their X2 Noms series — you have to get in on the action!


Nomenon Flavor Selection

All of the delicious fruit flavors of Nomenon are available traditonal, ice and salt nicotine. Check out the descriptions and pick your nicotine strength.

picture of Watanomenon


Forged in the heart of juicy watermelon, Watanomenon is here to deliver the maximum amount of watermelon and bubble gum joy you’ve been needing in your life in that classic Nomenon way!
ICE Version also available

picture of Stranomenon


The classic strawberry flavor of your favorite old-fashioned treats. Hard candy shells filled with sweet gooey centers.
ICE Version also available


What can you compare to half a blue raspberry? The other half.
Delicious blue raspberry hard candy infused with the scientific essence of yum. Get your own bottle. You know, for science.
ICE Version also available

picture of Grapenomenon


Everybody loves grapes. Even that weird guy who says he doesn’t. A great grape vape. Crunchy, sweet and sour, hard candy with a lot of grape. Treat yourself to something even the weirdos love.
ICE Version also available

picture of Lemonomenon


A fresh take on an olde lemon classic!
ICE Version also available


Noms X2 + Noms X2 Salt

Noms X2 is the next great thing from Nomenon.

If you enjoyed the original Nomenon line then Noms X2 is definitely worth a try.
E-liquid and salt series that takes some of the most sought-after fruit-dazzling vape flavors and jam packs them together that will make your taste buds do the cha-cha. Every single flavor is the result of months of testing and development, ensuring that all their flavors exceed all expectations.

Noms X2 e-liquid and salt series adds a layer of complexity to the original lineup of Nomenon vape flavors.

Featuring a line-up of uniquely combined fruits blends, the series is just ​as irresistible and perfect as the originals.