Vaping and the electronic cigarette industry has become a legitimate industry in the last few years and is continuing to grow. Now that Big Tobacco has decided to jump in on the game, with what I would consider an inferior product, disposable e-cigs. This has done nothing but gives the “real” e-cigs a very nice push towards a larger market share. Wall Street Journal reported earlier this year that these “disposables” are starting to cool off in sales. These types of e-cigs can be found at most gas stations, convenience stores, and big-box retailers that sell traditional cigarettes. In my experience, the taste, flavor, and overall experience are fairly weak. Although, better than traditional cigarettes, health-wise these products are still inferior. This however has nothing to do with what we sell at Vape Militia locations. We do not believe that disposable is an economic or environmentally friendly product. The types of electronic cigarettes we sell are mostly rebuildable or can be used for 2+ weeks before needing to be changed or replaced, and as a result, produce quite a bit less waste. Now the Oxford Dictionary has given “Vapors” more legitimacy in naming “Vape” the word of the year. To get the full vaping experience stop by any of our locations and see for yourself. Original Article