The vape industry is ever-evolving and changing and Vape Militia has always been committed to our customers and the industry. We will not succumb to the pitfalls that so many have by wavering from our core values. Our #1 value has always been bringing you quality products and choices, regardless of the cost to us. There is so much involvement in this industry for the wrong reasons, we started Vape Militia for smokers to quit and for new and current vapers to have the power of choice, selection, quality, and customer care. We will continue to do so no matter what it takes.

With that being said, starting today, Thursday, September 6, 2018, Vape Militia will add several 60ml lines for the budget-minded vaper. We will also be lowering the price for most of the 60mls we carry, we will continue to carry the highest quality, top-shelf flavors at our regular prices.

The new tiers for 60ml pricing will be as follows, $29.99 for our highest quality,

top-shelf lines, that we consider a true premium, ultra-premium. Exquisite, consistent, clean flavor. Meaning every bottle and every hit is perfection, and it won’t kill your coil in 20mls. These are also lines that are not found everywhere, many of which we are the only shop in the West Houston area to stock.

For the lines that we carry that are known by name and recognized, e-liquid brands, that are available just about everywhere will now be $24.99. We will be adding a 3rd tier, our budget 60ml lines, and will be priced at an everyday low price of $17.99 to $18.99. The price varies on these by brand.

We have done the budget tier this way so we can expand up to 44 flavors. We will start with 19 flavors immediately, with more added every few weeks.

We will continue to be a leader in our commitment to stocking the highest quality e-liquid available per price tier, regardless of our cost, hype, or trends. Which includes our top priority, not carrying any e-liquid with labels or marketing that are, or could be perceived as, child marketing or

IP infringing, coil killing liquids, inconsistent flavorings, not manufactured in a lab or not registered with the FDA. All of which are required of every shop, by law. We will find a way to satisfy everyone’s needs while staying compliant with all current and future local and federal regulations, without sacrificing quality. We will remain committed to this standard as we have since our first day almost

5 years ago.

All e-liquids will continue to be available to receive points through our rewards program, as usual, now called My Militia Rewards. Meaning this, you get 1 point for every dollar spent, regardless of what you buy. This will remain the policy for all hardware as well.

This is a real, rewarding reward program. You actually get a benefit.

It’s not a punch card, it’s not something you will forget to use, and we WANT you to use it.

We actually give you points and rewards just for signing up, and additional weekly rewards that cost ZERO points just for being a member.

Every new member will receive a 25 point bonus for signing up and opting in to receive messages from us. These messages will be limited to notifications about sales, discounts, new and restocked products. PLUS we will be offering a promo in-store when you sign up.

Keep an eye out in-store and on social media for our Weekly Promo for current My Militia Rewards members. #vape #eliquids #FDA #rewardsprogram