If you have been curious about delta 8, I am here to stoke that curiosity.

Vape Militia has been more than just a vape shop basically since the day we opened in early 2015. We are constantly educating ourselves and learning about the new wonders of CBD. Everything we have on the shelves has been researched, vetted and tested before we offer it for sale. There is only one way to build trust in a market where you can buy CBD on every corner in Katy. That is with the highest quality product, knowledge, care for the customer and believing in the product that you are offering. That is the case with every single item at Vape Militia.

The Delta Variant(s).

There is another one other than the one you are thinking. We have carried some sort of CBD product for many years and have a front row seat to watch the industry grow and products evolve. Now we have arrived at THC isolation. Which brings us Delta 8 and Delta 10 and soon other THC’s like THCO and THCV. All of which can have different effects and uses. Currently the most popular CBD product is anything with Delta 8.

Delta 8, what’s that?

Delta 8 is known for its calming, relaxing and pain subduing properties and is know as “the Indica Delta”. The popularity of Delta 8 is exploding. Mainly due to the fact that it is much less intense than it’s bigger, stronger cousin Delta 9. Delta 8 is a rare cannabinoid only making up a very small fraction of the hemp plant. Thus needing extraction, concentration, and purity to be most effective.

The purity is what is key with Delta 8. Yes, strength matters, but purity does too, maybe more so. Unfortunately, this is not something that is listed on the packaging like the strength is supposed to be, but it is in the lab reports. Lower purity doesn’t necessarily mean there is something bad in your Delta 8. It just means that the distillation process was not as through as it could have been. The more pure the Delta 8 the better the effect with less use of material.

Delta 10? There is another one?

And there’s another one, Delta 10. Know as “the Sativa Delta” Relatively new and more rare than delta 8 and more difficult to make into a vapeable product. Delta 10 cools at a higher temperature, this posing issues for your typical vape cart or disposable. Causing “clogs”, basically the material cools and hardens around the coil in the cart or disposable, rendering it unvapeable. Which is why part of the new trend in CBD is Delta formulations. Custom blends or mixes of Delta 8 and Delta 10 making the Delta 10 more malleable into a vapeable product. If you get a Delta 10 disposable from Vape Militia and do clog it, there is a fix. We can not guarantee or instruct on how other brands products work. For the Hang Ten brand from Vape Militia all you need to do is take several tiny puffs to warm the coil thus warming the Delta 10 concentrate. Then you can increase the length of the hit and it should start to vape.

How much should I take?

Taking CBD correctly is almost as important as finding a good, high quality product. Dosage and effect will absolutely be dependent on the individual as is the case with all CBD. If you have a higher tolerance or partake in the recreational…err…not yet legal in Texas, ya know, when you are in Colorado or Vegas…then you may need a bit more to get you to where you want to be.

We suggest starting slow and adding, to prevent over doing it. You can’t overdose, but the effect may be too strong if you just jump in with both feet. For a Delta 8 or Delta 10 vape, take a couple of hits and see how it effects you after a couple of minutes. If you want more, take more hits. After that you will know how many hits of Delta 8 or Delta 10 will work for you. When you take a hit, hold it in for 4 to 5 seconds and exhale slowly through your nose to allow your body to absorb as much as possible. If you are interested in a Delta 8 vape, our recommended brand is RDY. We have found these to be the strongest Delta 8 disposables and Delta 8 cartridges we can find, and…they are cheaper than any other option we have seen in Katy. Some prefer the vapeable delta 8 cartridge or disposables, which are very popular and extremely pure, backed up by lab reports we keep in house for your viewing pleasure. Like me personally, others prefer our Delta 8 gummy offering.

Wait, there’s gummies too?

They do exist. We all know edibles and inhalables can have completely different effects on the same person. Vape Militia has both of course. Due to that we suggest trying both as there is no absolute in how either will or won’t affect you. If you try the Delta 8 gummy we suggest you sit down first. Same with the vape option, start slow. Take one Delta 8 gummy like a lozenge, let it dissolve in your mouth to insure maximum efficacy. If after a few minutes you have not yet felt the effects, feel free to consume another in the same manner. Me, personally, I am probably just a lightweight…but one, single Delta 8 gummy and 5 minutes and it’s lights out. This is not a testimonial or proof that any CBD product does anything at all. Just what I know happens after consuming one of the Delta 8 gummies that can be found at Vape Militia.

Delta 8 Cookies and Chocolates?

Yes. We will soon have the hands down best tasting delta 8 infused chocolates, cookies, rice krispy treats and brownies, I have ever tried. If you know me, you know I know a good cookie.

If you have any questions, feel free to stop by. We will be happy to help and answer any questions you might have.

Thank you for reading,

Mark ~ Founder Vape Militia