Lost Dreams E-Liquid by Vape Militia Houston Vape & CBD

picture of Lost Dreams E-Liquid by Vape Militia Houston Vape & CBD

Lost Dreams E-Liquid by Vape Militia Houston Vape & CBD

Based on the foundation of recovery and homage to living a healthy lifestyle, Lost Dreams Vape Co. brings you the most outstanding premium e-Liquid on the market. Lost Dreams caters to your tastebuds — gives you the essential steps to quit smoking — and offers you the dream life.

Lost Dreams was created with recovery in mind. Modeled after a restorative program, Lost Dreams Vape Co. takes you on a recovery journey — a refill — or whatever journey you may be on.

“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.” …

Lost Dreams Vape Co. lives on principles. Let’s explore the steps.

Lost Dream E-Liquid Flavors

The Lost Dreams collection is available in 12 mg/ml to tantalize your taste buds and for those who need to transition from cigarettes. Flavors are available in e-liquids and Nic salts.

picture of Blue Razz Creme

Step 01 (Blue Razz Creme)

Blue razz is the pizazz you’ve been looking for — with a touch of creme. Blue razz crème is smooth and mellow with hints of blue raspberry, audacious blueberries, and a little cream.

picture of Apple Cinnamon Crunch

Step 02 (Apple Cinnamon Crunch)

No, it’s not a fruity cereal flavor. It’s even better. Warm-up to apple, cinnamon, and the ultimate crunch. Make a crunch with this delicious apple cinnamon pastry.

picture of Mixed Berry Snow Cone

Step 03 (Mixed Berry Snow Cone)

Have a little “Faith” cause this one’s cool! An ice-filled snow cone with all your favorite berries. Step 03 Mixed Berry Snow Cone by Lost Dreams is a refreshing ice-filled snow cone with a blend of delicious berries.

picture of Berry Tart

Step 04 (Berry Tart)

Tart and tasty. Berry tart is a delicious sweet and tart mixed berry candy for your sweet tooth.

picture of Strawberry Watermelon

Step 05 (Strawberry Watermelon)

Do you like the taste of cotton candy melting in your mouth? No further introduction is needed. Meet the ultimate strawberry watermelon cotton candy e-liquid!

icture of Pebbles Cheesecake

Step 06 (Pebbles Cheesecake)

Dare to dream? Take your dreams a step further with this creamy cheesecake infused with fruity pebbles made legendary in cereal.

picture of Green Apple Cotton Candy

Step 07 (Green Apple Cotton Candy)

Sweet cotton candy with the tart tang of green apples will take you to the moon.

picture of NY Cheesecake

Step 08 (NY Cheesecake)

It’s sure to have you saying OMC — Oh My Cheesecake! This e-liquid is nothing short of a classic creamy cheesecake delight.

picture of Tropical Burst

Step 09 (Tropical Burst)

Tropical burst. Say that three times. It’s a rush of a delightfully refreshing blend of mango, peach, and watermelon.

picture of Lost Dreams and the Vape Industry

Lost Dreams and the Vape Industry

Across the globe, e-Liquid lovers approve the high-quality ingredients in every Aqua product elevates the vaping experience to the next level of superior pleasure. The perfect flavors, not too sweet — just a pure, authentic taste without synthetic sugar additives. Aqua has made its mark on the vaping industry and will be around for a long time. Vape away!