Dear Vape Militia Customers,

Recently, the Coronavirus has caused most Chinese factories and distributors to temporarily shut down. Among those facilities were ones that produce hardware for the vaping devices we carry at Vape Militia. Items like coils/pods, batteries, tanks, and mods are in extremely short supply, and we do not know when those factories will return to production.


To ensure the availability of the majority of hardware at Vape Militia, we decided to make several substantial purchases of hardware this week, basically buying almost everything several of our US and Chinese distributors had left. We think that we will have enough stock to make it through this temporary situation and ask our customers not to panic buy or buy more than usual. We expect to have 8 to 12 weeks of inventory on hand, but overbuying will cause a more dire situation for everyone.

To that point, we will have a purchase limit on coils and pods as follows.
Five coil/pod packs Limit of 1 pack per purchase per day
Three coil/pod packs Limit of 2 packs per purchase per day
Two coil/pod packs Limit of 2 packs per purchase per day
Single pod pack Limit of 3 pods per purchase per day


We are taking our Believe In Quality Sacrifice Nothing commitment to our customers to a new level. To ensure the availability of several items we had to purchase them at a premium and cost as much as 30% more than our average cost. We promise not to gouge like some other retailers are or plan to do, and prices at Vape Militia on 99% of items will not change, regardless of cost.


The only items we can not guarantee that on are disposables, as those prices have increased astronomically over the last four to six weeks. Vape Militia does not subscribe to the hype or mislabeled products or price gouging and refuses to support distributors, manufacturers, brands, or products that participate in such practices. Due to the limited availability of what we consider responsible parties in the disposable category, inventory for these items will be scarce.


Hyde’s and Puff Bars are impossible to find and out of stock everywhere, as those are the most popular disposables nationwide. We do still have a limited amount of Hyde’s in stock. As soon as we can acquire more of these items, we will have them in stock. In the meantime, we were able to find a limited number of Mr. Freeze (various fruit menthol blends) disposables and will be in stock later this week.


Vape Militia will continue the disposable or closed pod device trade-in offer (purchased from Vape Militia or not) until this situation has been resolved.
Additionally, we will expand this offer to include proof of purchase. Meaning if you don’t have the device and purchased it from Vape Militia and have an account or the receipt, we will honor the 20% trade-in offer.

Thank you for your continued support, none of this would be possible without you.

See you soon, Vape Militia