Smoke Shop Katy

Smoke Shop Katy

Looking for the best smoke shop in Katy?​

Vape Militia is now your plug for all your smoke shop needs.

At Vape Militia Katy, we offer the best service and the widest range of high quality smoking accessories at the best prices. Vape Militia has always specialized in the best vape e-liquids and vape devices as well as CBD. Now we are the plug for all of your smoke shop needs as well.

Vape Militia is not your average smoke shop, we have done it with vape, CBD, kratom and now we are bringing the smoke.

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Vape Delivery In Katy Now Available 

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Hand Pipes Katy

Vape Militia has the widest selection of the best American Made and non-China made hand pipes in Katy. 

Including sherlocks, spoons, bubblers, one hitters and dugouts. Made from a variety of materials, including glass, metal, and wood.

There is nothing like a well made glass pipe, especially one made with love and care by an American artist. It is true you get what you pay for, and sometimes these can be expensive. However, we do have American made options starting at $15 and going up to $80, and some of the art pieces go as high as $300.

We also carry some of the known and popular mass produced import brands such as Grav and even have $10 grab n go pipes.

Water Pipes Katy

Similarly to our hand pipes, we have the best selection of American Made water pipes in Katy. 

Our water pipe selection includes bongs, bubblers, dab rigs made from glass, 3D-printed plastic, and hand-carved wood.

Mesmerize all your friends with a beautiful art piece, or make them green with envy because you got the deal at Vape Militia.

Yes, American made pipes can be more expensive, but that is not always the case. Sure, we have a $1000 dab rig, but it is literally a piece of functional art. We have plenty of options if you want just the function with a little less art.

Popular brands such as Grav and Bear Quartz, and a fully stocked budget section await.

Bowls and Bangers Katy

What is a nice water pipe with out a bowl or quartz banger to go with it? A paperweight filled with water. 

That sounds like mess waiting to happen unless you are making papier-mâché bowls. Probably not the greatest for packing up and smoking a good one.

If not, you want one of our bowls or quartz bangers. Wide selection of American made and import options available. 

Dry Vaporizers Katy

Vaping your herb is one of the best ways to enjoy a good session without having to deal with ash, lighters, or harsh smoke. 

Vaporizer devices, accessories and replacement parts from Pax, Grenco Science, Yocan and more

Electronic Rigs Katy

Similar to a vaporizer but for your concentrate, the most convenient and technological way to consume is with an electronic rig or E-Rig. 

E-rigs from Puffco, Carta, Grenco Science and more as well as accessories and replacement parts 

Papers, Wraps and Cigarillos Katy

With just about every brand of paper, wrap and cigarillo in stock, you don’t even need to think, “Do they have it?” 

When it comes to Vape Militia, of course, we do. Do you know the history of rolling papers? Learn more.

Such brands as Zig-Zag, King Palm, White Owl, Backwoods, Philly Blunts and tons of others are ready to get rolled up.

Papers and Wraps


Vape Shop Katy

Whatever you need to accessorize your smoking session, we have everything you seek and some things you didn’t know you needed.

Grinders Katy

Grind It.

Keeping in line with stocking the best of the best. Santa Cruz Shredders are the best, hands down. We also have a selection of budget grinders.

Scales Katy

Weigh It.

Sharing is caring, but maybe you don’t want to share too much. Keep your selflessness in check when your bumming buddy comes over. 

Pop a scale and share a nug. 

Share responsibly.

Trays Katy

Tray It.

Stop making a mess when you roll one up; you don’t have to use a book or the top of your laptop. Check out our selection of rolling trays.

Branded trays from Zig-Zag, Raw, Juicy Jay, and others. As well as printed designs from other manufacturers, find the tray that fits your personality perfectly. 

Bags Katy

Bag It.

The best stash container is one that is smell proof and portable.

Vape Militia has the perfect bag for storing all your green, glass, tools, and accessories. With built-in activated carbon, carry all your items securely from prying noses, or store them at home and keep things fresh.

Cleaner Katy

Clean It.

Keeping your pieces clean is important for an enjoyable and flavorful smoking session.

Vape Militia carries the best cleaner for all your pieces as well as specialized water to prevent them from getting dirty in the first place.

Smoke Shop Delivery Katy

Katy's Only Online Smoke and Vape Shop In Katy

Do you want this smoke? Good. 

Vape Militia is Katy’s only online vape and smoke shop, and we deliver to the surrounding zip codes. 

Sign up for an account today and get your order delivered. 

Vape Shop Katy

Vape Militia in Katy has been known since 2014 for providing the highest quality vape and cbd products and the best vape shop in Katy. If you are looking for disposable vapes, e-liquid, coils, or vape devices.  Vape Militia has you covered. 

Vape Militia is the one stop shop for all your vape, smoke, CBD and kratom needs. 

Vape Militia Katy

Vape Militia​ - Smoke Shop Katy Tx

The vape industry is evolving — and Vape Militia remains committed to its customers and the industry. We will not succumb to the pitfalls that so many have by wavering from our core values. Our mission has always been to bring you high-quality products and choices, regardless of the cost to us.

Vape Militia was created to give individuals the power of choice, selection, quality, and customer care.

That means expanding our services, knowledge and expertise to include other categories and products.

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Local Businesses In Katy TX

All of these local businesses are also members of the Vape Militia. Support your local small business. 

Nerds To Go

For home or business tech repair solutions from gaming consoles to laptops, desktops and cell phones. Nerds To Go will show up and fix all your gadgets. Ask for Jordan.

Motivations Counseling

If you or someone you love is in need of counseling services or a certified therapist. Call Keri.

If you have a wild hog problem in south Texas, and require trapping or removal. There is only one call to make. Ask for Edward.

Holiday or party coming up? Just want to take the weekend off? Still, need the house cleaned?

Call Ashley for all your cleaning needs. 

Local Landmarks and Points of Interest In Katy TX

Mary Jo Peckham Park Katy TX

Mary Jo Peckham Park

A 32-acre park and green space with putting green, miniature golf, six-hole disc golf course, playground, gazebo, pavilion, and fishing lake, with a nearby dog park. Located in the heart of Katy at 5597 Gardenia Lane, Katy, TX 77493

Katy Mills Mall Katy TX

Katy Mills Mall

Opened Oct 28 1999 with over 200 stores and 1.3 million sq ft of retail space 

Located at the corner of I-10 and Pin Oak Rd 5000 Mills Cir, Katy TX 77494

Katy VFW Museum Katy TX

Katy VFW Museum

One of four local museums in the city of Katy. This free museum is dedicated to military members who served in foreign wars.

Located at 6202 George Bush Dr, Katy TX, 77493

Willow Fork Park Katy TX

Willow Fork Park

A park spanning 32 acres, with a lake, wifi, boardwalks, a pavilion with restrooms, picnic tables, and grills.

Located at the northwest corner of SH 99/Grand Parkway and Cinco Ranch Blvd., north of Cinco Ranch High School and south of La Centerra shopping center.