Vape Militia

Refer A Friend Triple Reward

Referring a friend to Vape Militia will now get you Triple the normal reward, until January 7th.

How to Refer A Friend? It is easy!

Step 1: Send your friend your unique referral link. Can be found in the text message or email we sent you. (looks like…..)

Step 2: Your friend signs up for an account with your referral link and activates their account in-store with a purchase.

Step 3: You and your friend receive a text message with the $30 coupon off any purchase over $40!

Step 4: Enjoy a $30 discount at Vape Militia!

Friends must sign up and activate their new account with an in-store purchase before January 7th
The $30 discount is valid for 14 days after receipt of the text message containing the reward.

If you have any questions please ask a Vape Militia Team Member at checkout or email us at [email protected]