Just a quick update on the My Militia Rewards Program.

There are a few additions and updates, that will only make our reward program even better. Who thought that was possible?!?

Through the reward program, Vape Militia customers have redeemed points for discounts of more than $40,000, just this year! These changes and updates will definitely help every customer save more by using the My Militia Rewards Program at Vape Militia. New Reward At 100 Points, $5 Off Salt Liquid. It can be used on any bottle of salt liquid. New Reward At 300 Points, $30 Off Any 60ml, also replaces the Free 60ml at 375 Points. Better Discount, with fewer points needed. It can be used on any bottle or multiple bottles of 60ml liquid. Updated Reward At 500 Points, $60 Off Hardware. Was $50 off Hardware at 500 points. Better Discount, with the same points needed. It can be used on any hardware like coils, tanks, or devices. All other rewards remain the same due to popularity. If you have any questions please ask a Vape Militia Team Member and we will be happy to help #rewardsprogram #discounts