Almost a year ago vaping changed forever…
Lost Vape, a long-time vape mod manufacturer of high end devices containing the popular DNA chip changed the game with The Lost Vape Orion Go. The first true “pod mod” was released and has since been copied by other popular companies such as Smok and GeekVape.  The Orion vape device with the latest chip from Evolv the DNA GO changed everything. Forever.

Fast forward a year from the initial release… the evolution continues.

The Lost Vape Orion Plus Will Soon Arrive.

What does that mean? Sale SALE SALE!

If you have not yet had the opportunity to acquire a Lost Vape Orion, now is the best chance. Ever! While Supplies Last, the OG will be $60! OR 20% OFF. You save approximately 150 Dimes.
If you have ever wondered what you can do with 3 rolls of dimes, now you can check that off the bucket list AND get a Lost Vape Orion!

You may ask why not wait till the Lost Vape Orion Plus Arrives in 72 hours?

  1. You certainly can, we will have them.
  2. They do come with a few new color options, mainly STABWOOD!
  3. Enough about why you should get the Orion Plus and why you should get the Orion Go.
  4. You can update the Orion DNA to the same firmware as the Orion Plus.
    FIVE preset wattage settings vs. three.
  5. Lost Vape is releasing a NEW coil and pod set up!! A pod…with replaceable coils.
    AND one is MESH! YES, they will fit the Orion DNA!
  6. The Orion DNA is on sale. The Orion Plus will be for sale. <<< Weigh your options. <<<
    Just don’t hesitate.
    They will go fast.

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