So we have not heard much over the last few weeks from the White House, FDA or HHS.
Kellyanne Conway made a statement today. Our statement on the situation follows.

We stand by our principles. Believe In Quality. Sacrifice Nothing.

Vape Militia will always support all of the adults that quit smoking, never started smoking or that will quit smoking in the future due to vaping products. We will not waiver in that commitment. We will stand strong in the face of adversity. Vape Militia will ALWAYS be here for you. Never lose faith, never give up hope. Sacrifice Nothing.

We have always believed in common-sense regulations. We agree with the VTA on their proposed
21 and Done rule, and consider this to be the right thing to do. Vape Militia has always agreed with this point of view and we would like to make that clear. As well as the fact we will 100% support this in every way we can.

Read the proposed rule from VTA here