Harris County has issued a stay at home order, read more on that here.

While Vape Militia respects the positions and decisions of our elected officials, we also believe in the Constitution and the freedom this country provides all the citizens of the United States. Flag: United States on Google Android 10.0 March 2020 Feature Drop We understand that our customers have a different definition of what is essential, we share that definition with you and are willing to do any and everything it takes to prove that to be true. We do not consider a vape shop essential in terms of food, water, and medicine. However, we consider Vape Militia essential to our customer’s sanity as well as essential to providing a sense of normalcy and hope. Among the other reasons, that the Government and anti-freedom of choice nut jobs are not willing to agree is true. Everyone that you see helping you at Vape Militia is here for you as always, eagerly, willingly and voluntarily.

With that being said, Vape Militia will remain open the duration. We will be implementing certain policies that we feel are the best options so we can continue to provide services to all of our customers, safely, regardless of any health concerns they may have.

In-store social distancing is required. Please stay at least 6 feet from any other person in the store. There is a designated area to wait for service. We will continue to wipe down with bleach or Lysol between each customer.

We will be offering curbside pick up later this week, we are waiting on handheld devices to arrive so we can accept card payments at your vehicle. An additional announcement will be made in regards to that.

We wish everyone to be safe, enjoy the time off with your family and relax. Vape Militia will be here if you need anything.

Stay tuned for updates and announcements as this situation evolves.