Are you looking for the finest full-spectrum CBD products on the market?

Try Secret Nature, cartridges, pre-rolls, or loose flowers.

Cartridges are half a milliliter, containing 380mg of CBD.
Pre-rolls come in 2, and 7 packs. CBD content ranges from 80 to 85 grams per half gram pre-roll depending on the strain.
3.5 grams of cans of the flower are hermetically sealed for freshness and contain 80 to 85 grams of CBD per half a gram of flower.

SativaIndica, and Hybrid strains are available to suit all preferences.
All products from Secret Nature are full-spectrum CBD and Farm Bill Compliant and
contain THC under the legal limit of 0.3%.

Do Not Be Fooled By Inferior CBD Products.
Believe In Quality. Sacrifice Nothing.
As with all CBD products at Vape Militia, lab reports are available in-store as well as on the packaging.