SEE ON INSTAGRAM OR FACEBOOK Flavor Of The Week – The original Nomenon

The OG, the one that started it all

120ml of tasty candy goodness

The real King👑 of Candy🍬 flavors 👀20% OFF THIS WEEK ONLY👀 🍋Lemonomenon – Here’s a joke… A lemon walks into a bar and bumps in to a hard candy. OUCH. Don’t worry this lemon flavor isn’t as sour as our humor. A fresh take on an old lemon classic! 🍓Stranomenon – Stop stealing from grandma! The classic strawberry flavor of your favorite old fashioned treats. Hard candy shells filled with sweet gooey centers.

Get your nom on and on. 🍇Grapenomenon – Everybody loves grapes. Even that weird guy who says he doesn’t. A great grape vape. Crunchy, sweet and sour, hard candy with A LOT of grape. Treat yourself to something even the weirdos love. 👾Blunomenon – What can you compare to half a blue raspberry? The other half… Delicious blue raspberry hard candy infused with the scientific essence of yum. Get your own bottle. You know, for science. 🍉Watanomenon – Forged in the heart of a juicy watermelon, Watanomenon is here to deliver the maximum amount of watermelon joy you’ve been needing in your life. With a touch of bubblegum of course, you knew there was a surprise hidden inside.