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Flavor Of The Week 9/03-9/16
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Every once in awhile there comes a line of vape flavors that truely defines excellence.
Sometimes it is difficult to describe how phenomenally delicious a flavor can be.
The only way to really know is to vape it for yourself.

This is that time. Best Part Is…the 20% Off

If you like fruity or candy or slightly sweet flavors, that won’t gunk up your coils,
Then you’re in luck.
Sorbet Pop Is Flavor Of The Week!

Available in 100ml in 0, 3 and 6 nic

Salt nicotine in 24 and 48 also available

Straw Lemon – A sweet and tart combo of strawberry and lemon topped off with a perfect light candy flavor
Peach Mango – A delicious and creamy blend of peach and mango
Tangerine Lime – A citrus sorbet with tangerine and lime. (Reminiscent of Dew from the Mountain.) 
It may not be pictured…but it does exist. Just ask when you stop by one of our shops.

Pick these up in either of our locations in Katy on South Mason
or in Cypress at the corner of Cypress North Houston and Huffmeister.


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