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Flavor Of The Week 8/27-9/02
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We are sure we do not need to explain why we are not your average vape shop; however, we do Flavor Of The Week. This reminds us every week why we Believe In Quality and Sacrifice Nothing, and so should you.

These vape flavors define what we believe to be most important in life — being a Decent human.

When it comes to vape liquids, being a decent flavor is not the bar, that is the bare minimum expectation. Something many can’t add to their resume. Conforming with generally accepted standards of respectable or moral behavior. This is something we live by, one of the reasons we stock brands like
Decent Juice Co. High quality ingredients, responsible labeling, and marketing.
Trust us, cartoons and hype don’t make a good flavor.

Runs clean, won’t kill your coils. Easily vape 120 to 180 ml of any of the Butter Cake flavors on one coil! Especially, Uwell, Horizon Tech, Freemax, and Voopoo tanks. Expect The Exceptional.

Butter Cake from Decent Juice Company

Nillia Butter Cake – A decadent butter cake layered with savory vanilla bean extract.

Berry Butter Cake – A decadent butter cake layered with perfectly ripe sweet berries.

Lemon Butter Cake – A decadent butter cake layered with sweet zestful lemon.