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Vape Militia Vape and CBD
Flavor Of The Week 8/20-8/26
20% Off

Summer is winding down, but it is still blazing hot outside, and these vape liquids are a welcomed refreshing treat. These flavors are direct and to the point. No hype, no shenanigans. Just good, clean, crisp, refreshing fruity drink like flavors.

As with all Vape Militia’s Flavor Of The Week options, these flavors are on point, clean on your coils and delicious to vape and 20% Off for the week!

Punch – A passion fruit, an orange, and a guava walk into a bar. Fruit Punch!
Twist – It’s slightly sweet and slightly tangy and all delicious. It Is Raspberry.
Mega – Not a medicine grape, not a fake candy grape. A perfect grape with a twist. Grape & Citrus