Vape Militia

Cypress Closing

Cypress Closing Sale

Final Days

Last day for the Vape Militia Cypress location will be Friday the 30th.

The entire store will be 40% off until the last day. The availability of inventory will be limited.

If you are looking for something specific or wondering where you will shop for your vape items going forward. DO NOT FRET!
Vape Militia is not going anywhere.
Our Katy location, located at 916 S. Mason Rd #200 will be open until the end of time. Click here for driving directions. 

Katy is too far to drive? NO WORRIES! We got you!
Just sign up for an invite to our new location! The Vape Militia Online Store.


FAQ About Vape Militia Online

Worried about not knowing what device to pick or what the new flavors are?
Don’t know what coil you are looking for?
No worries. A Vape Militia representative will be online via live chat during normal business hours to help you with any questions you may have.
You won’t even have to load the cart!
We can add everything to the cart for you and all you have to do is check out!!

Now I have to pay for shipping?
NOPE. For orders over $50 shipping is free.

Now I have to wait days for my liquid or coils?
NOPE. Orders received by Noon will ship the SAME DAY and we will be shipping orders EVERY DAY.
There will be NO delay. Local orders should be received in 2 days or less!

What about rewards?
Your reward points and rewards will still be available and valid at the Katy location.
There is no need for rewards at Vape Militia Online, as they are built-in! Automatic Rewards! What?!?!?

How do I sign up?
Easy. Peasy. CLICK HERE. If you already have a reward account with Vape Militia your account will be approved promptly after a quick and easy review of your account to verify your age. We may call you to confirm your identity.
Unfortunately, we will have to manually approve all accounts for the Vape Militia Online Store. We have to ensure all purchases are made by adults of legal age. If you already have an account then most of the process is already done! The only way to do this accurately and effectively is through a manual process.