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The Vape Militia CBD Shop in Katy

There are a lot of choices for a CBD Shop in Katy. Even the most seasoned veteran CBD consumer would have a tough time choosing the right one. This can definitely be a daunting task for anyone on which to try first.
Vape Militia is here to help with that task.

Similar to our guide on how to find a vape shop in Katy, we do the same for you for CBD here.

Sure, we do have plenty of CBD products on the shelf. All of which go through a rigorous, in-house vetting process before we offer them to our members. We will try thousands of products, so you don’t have to.

Although, that is not why people are happy with or prefer Vape Militia as their CBD Shop of choice.

Product changes, technology advances, options improve, new versions are developed, and you will always find the latest and greatest at Vape Militia. However, to the everyday consumer, how can you tell the difference?

This is where Vape Militia comes in and why Vape Militia is the premier CBD Shop in Katy.

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Vape Militia’s CBD Shop in Katy

This isn’t bragging, but we are the authoritative source for CBD information and education.

That may be a self-awarded title, but that does not make it inaccurate. We are the professionals; it is our job to be. We take that responsibility seriously. Providing an excellent customer experience and suggesting the perfect product based on your individual needs and ensuring your satisfaction is our only goal. It’s easy to sell someone something, it takes genuine commitment to the satisfaction of others to suggest a product and put your name on it.

Every person that walks through our door is either a mother, or a son, or a husband, or a grandfather and will be treated as if they are our family. Because you will never be considered a customer by Vape Militia, even after a purchase. You will be a member, of the family, of the Vape Militia.

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What to Consider In a CBD Shop?

No of course this is not a marriage, although we will love you like it is.

Jokes aside, trusting someone with a suggestion as to what you should put into your body is not a lightly taken decision. This is why Vape Militia makes it a priority to ensure it is a comfortable and pleasant one.

We are not patting ourselves on the back when say we know what we are talking about. We want everyone to understand that we are here to help. 

As with many choices in life, weighing the pros and cons is not always cut and dry.

So we offer these general tips on how to choose a CBD Shop or a CBD product. Even if you read this and never stop by, and this helps you, we did our part. 

Tips On How To Choose A CBD Shop

Other than the obvious questions of “is it clean” or “close to my house or work”. Consider the following points.

Do they have lab reports on display or available to view?

Yea… you probably don’t know how to read a Certificate of Analysis, but the professionals at the shop you are buying your CBD from should.

The product that is on the shelf should have one, as well as a QR code on the label for you to scan and view the report.

If it does not, do you really know what is in the product you are looking at?

All products at Vape Militia have a lab report available in store.

Other than a QR code with access to the products lab reports, the label should also list the size of the product and strength. If there is no strength listed or says “Super Duper Max Strength” RUN!

Labeling of CBD products is not really regulated as of yet. All legitimate CBD companies provide accurate and true statements of fact on their labels. Such as strength, size and ingredients with a lab report to prove it.

All products at Vape Militia have proper labeling, including size, strength, and QR code.

This is a 2 part answer…

From a CBD shop’s stand point, there are 2 schools of thought on this.

  1. Stock all the CBD products and have everything anyone could ever want. Which is basically impossible, but one could certainly try.
  2. Stock the best CBD products and eliminate having to answer the “What do you suggest question?”

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If a shop has 10 brands for the same type of product, and you ask the shop which is the best and they suggest brand A, why?

What is the reasoning for the rest?

At Vape Militia, we feel like this asks more questions than it answers. So we have tried a ton of products, and consistently do so, to keep the best on the shelf. Making your choice and shopping experience easy and painless.

This way we spend less time telling you about 10 brands and 100 products…and more time answering your questions and helping you select the right product for you, and you can use the time saved doing something more important. Like looking at funny animal videos or taking a nap. 

Proudly Serving Katy Texas Since 2014

Katy is Vape Militia’s home and the people that visit our shop are family.

Our shop was built with the focus on the satisfaction of our members. From the rewards program to products we select to our focus on every detail of the shopping experience.

From the moment you first step in our store you will be able to tell why and how Vape Militia is different. This is by design and part of our Believe In Quality Sacrifice Nothing mantra. We aren’t and do not think you should either.

Stop by Vape Militia and visit your new favorite CBD shop in Katy.