Vaporesso Tanks, Mods, Devices By Vape Militia Houston Vape CBD

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Vaporesso Tanks, Mods, Devices By Vape Militia Houston Vape CBD

Created in 2015, Vaporesso is committed to establishing a smoke-free world — while raising the quality of life for ALL vapers. Based on its continuous innovation, strict quality control, and substantial commitment, Vaporesso creates vaping products that can fit all suits and lifestyles.

Truly beyond the ordinary, Vaporesso continues its fundamental research to overcome technical barriers, and concentrates on customer-driven designs to produce products that break barriers.
Because nicotine addiction makes it difficult for smokers to quit smoking, a main goal of Vaporesso is to let smokers get enough nicotine satisfaction using Vaporesso products.

The mission has helped the brand understand other challenges and worries that smokers face when switching to vaping — taste, safety, ease of use, and style.

Vaporesso Mods

GEN Series

The GEN series makes high power devices more accessible to vapers than ever before. With its 220W in a 107-gram body, its smooth — yet textured and durable. The Gen series boasts smoothness throughout every inhale — not just the initial fire, to provide an extraordinary punch. The GEN S 220W is a high-powered vaping system equipped with the NRG-S Tank that utilizes GT MESHED coils (with the further option of the GT 4 MESHED coil). Supported by the AXON chip, the GEN Sembodies consistent flavor and dense vapor using Pulse Mode. The high-quality chipset also overcomes learning curves with its user-friendly operating system.

SWAG Series

The SWAG II series introduces the newly invented tank with airflow control. The streamlined user interface allows anyone to enjoy advanced vaping.

Ergonomic Curve
Rubber Coating
Maximum 25mm diameters tan

The SWAG PX80, a max 80W pod mod provides steady flavor through the GTX coil adopted pod, bringing the end to mess-free coil replacing with the capability of smooth adjustable airflow. The PX80 hides the IML screen perfectly beneath the textured cover — and has a compact yet ergonomic body shape to level up your vaping experience

Vaporesso Pod


The XROS is customizable with adjustable Airflow. The XROS delivers on all cylinders through a MESH pod. Within the XROS is a built-in 800mAh battery, delivering long-long-lasting power for this compact device. The design offers a transparent pod, so you know when the e-liquid is low
making for less burnt coils.

Well-developed Mesh Coils
Adjustable Airflow
Compact Design
Dual Firing Mechanism
800mAh Built-in Battery
Visible Pod

Vaporesso and the Vaping Industry

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Vaporesso quality control incorporates certifications hailing from many authoritative quality systems to ensure our customers receive only the best in the industry. By investing the most of any company and hiring the most professional team for the PMTA’s demanding process, Vaporesso has set the tone for a vibrant and sustainable environment. The brand’s PMTA application shows that we want to establish a long-term development strategy in both the U.S. and global markets.