Suorin Pod Devices And Disposables By Vape Militia Houston Vape & CBD

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Suorin Pod Devices and Disposables by Vape Militia Houston Vape & CBD

Have you heard of the vape brand Suorin? Today, you are in for a treat. Founded in 2013 and partnered with Foxxcon the manufacturer of the Apple iPhone. The legendary story behind the brand will have you yearning all things Suorin for your vaping needs. The brand is in the business of helping smokers kick the habit of smoking tobacco cigarettes and making the switch to authentic Suorin products.


Suorin carries a huge variety of refillable pod vape devices, disposable vape devices. All products are sure to satisfy the needs and tastes of any vape
enthusiast looking to purchase a device for the first time, a new device.
Suorin devices could be your next favorite brand of vape products.

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Suorin Air

The Air series of pod devices from Suorin have been some of the best selling ultra portable vape devices. The latest being the Suorin Air Pro. Every new generation has a better coil, longer battery life than the previous. Vape Militia always has the latest edition of the Suorin Air device.

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Suorin Ace, Suorin Shine and other devices

Other devices by Suorin include the Drop, Edge, Reno, Shine and Ace

All of these devices are pod style systems, meant for ultimate portability and convenience. The latest version can always be found at Vape Militia.

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Suorin Air Bar

The Suorin Air Bar is a line of disposables with several different devices and a huge selection of flavors. Enjoy a delicious vape with zero responsibility. Disposable vape devices are prefilled one time use devices. Air Bar Lux and Air Bar Diamond are 2 of the most popular Air Bar versions.