Vatra Vaping Protection By Vape Militia Houston Vape And CBD

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Vatra Vaping Protection By Vape Militia Houston Vape And CBD

Vatra — was born and raised in downtown Los Angeles Art District. Crafted to serve the glass industry, Vatra has been stylishly protecting our fragile vaping treasures since 1997. Every year, the brand expands its selection of cases, bags, and pouches — while preserving the same quality and value customers expect.
Since day one, Vatra has been on a mission to create edgy, durable, modern, and innovative cases and bags for customers who want superior protection for their vaping valuables.
Protect your favorite water pipe, glass accessory, vape devices, and e-liquids with spacious, artistic, custom, and super protective environments. From capsule cases, drawstring bags, zip-up protection to lockable bags, Vatra has it all.

The Story Behind Vatra

In Eastern Europe, the word Vatra means fire. Vatra has used this to fuel its passion for being the best. The brand strives to earn a reputation for setting souls on fire with unique and crafty designs. What began as a one-man show from a storage unit has now turned into a blazing brand — now the most trusted protection vaping brand in the industry. From the first hand-made pouches to the best protection products on the market at the most competitive
prices — you don’t know custom vape protection until you Vatra.