Piece Water Pipe Cleaning Solution By Vape Militia Houston Vape And CBD

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Piece Water Pipe Cleaning Solution By Vape Militia Houston Vape And CBD

How do you keep your bong, rig, or bubbler pristine? Look no further than the all-natural solution by Piece Water. If you know anything about Piece Water, you know how to eliminate the hassles of cleaning your piece — and sitting back to enjoy the smoke session of your life.

The all-natural formula will liberate your piece from the menaces of gunk and resin and brilliantly solve the age-old problem of the dirty bong. But how does it work? The Piece Water brand has created a unique proprietary blend of natural mineral, vegetable, and fruit extracts to prevent resin from forming on your piece.

And it’s simple to use — just add Piece Water solution to a clean bong (bong not included) and your bong will remain clean and clear from resin build up. When you are ready to change the Piece Water Solution, simply rinse your pipe with tap water. The solution also acts as a filter of particulate matter, which makes for cleaner and smoother hits.

The brand profoundly believes that the products created at Piece Water will improve the lives of those that use them.

The Story Behind Piece Water

It all started with — a problem. A profoundly serious problem — dirty, smelly, bongs and the hassles and hidden dangers of cleaning it with chemical products. The brand began experimenting with different all-natural bong water alternatives — and what they discovered has led to the best bong water cleanser on the market. The team believes that bongs, water pipes, and bubblers are not only important for delivering sacred smoke but most importantly — they are magnificent pieces of art. The Piece Water mission is simple — to provide safe and effective products that will make people’s lives easier and better.

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How Does Piece Water Solution Work?

The ingredients in Piece Water work to create a natural trap of smoke particulate. As opposed to plain tap water, the Piece Water formula works by promoting more frequent molecule-to-molecule interactions. This molecule-to-molecule bond makes the solution viscous which, in turn, entraps the smoke by-products and stops resin from developing.

Benefits of Piece Water

Watch the video and see it in action
Keeps your bong or rig clean
Acts as a filter of particulate matter for cleaner and smoother hits
Reduces smell between water changes
Eliminates need to clean your bong or rig with harsh chemicals
Works great with flower or concentrate