Kayd Mayd Pipes, Bongs, And Dab Rigs By Vape Militia Houston

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Kayd Mayd Pipes, Bongs, And Dab Rigs By Vape Militia Houston

The remarkable Kayd Mayd custom design and manufacturing company is located in the Midwest. The brand specializes in 3D printing of bongs — and is most notable for thinking beyond the box.
The brand comprises of a passionate team of individuals who create exceptional 3-D printed water pipes. Every piece has a unique color pattern and is virtually indestructible (compared to glass pipes).
The Kayd Mayd 3D Printed Apollo Series water pipe is made with 3D printed plastic and includes a glass diffused down stem and herb slide. The pipes are made to be extremely durable and shatter. No two pipes are the same.

Learn While You Burn

The futuristic Learn While You Burn water pipe by Kayd Mayd is 3D printed with heavy-duty plastic. The piece has a colored wide base and a handle, making it easy to use. It’s great for everyday use, camping, festivals, and road trips. The glass diffused down stem comes with a matching 14.5mm
male bowl with curved handle to protect you from the heat.


The Vertex

This diagonal Kayd Mayd Vertex is perfect for angle-lovers. It comes with a 14mm glass bowl and handle, along with a 3.5-inch glass diffuser down stem.

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The 9 Incher

It’s the classic style water pipe — well except unlike its glass rivals, it won’t break. You’ll love how this Kayd Mayd 9-incher hits. Exceptional value!

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The Kayd Mayd McFloatinator was designed for the water sports lover. Take it to the beach or the ocean and party all-day and night. The McFloatinator is not only waterproof and smell-proof but it also floats. Truly a one-of-a-kind piece.


Little Star of Death

The Little Start of Death by Kayd Mayd is all the defense you need to defend your galaxy. Just add a trong and you are to take on the world. The 3D printed water pipe comes with a 14mm glass bow with handle and a 3.5-Inch glass diffuser.