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Black Friday 2022

The Best Black Friday Deals Only At Vape Militia

Valid From Dec 1 to Dec 31 2022

Vape Militia Black Friday

All Black Friday deals are good in-store and online and are automatically applied. No Code Need.

Vape Shop Black Friday

The best Black Friday vape deals in Katy can only be found at Vape Militia. From disposable vapes to vape devices and e-liquids. Stock up on all your favorites this Black Friday at Vape Militia.

See all the Black Friday Vape Deals At Vape Militia

Smoke Shop Black Friday

Puffco Deals? Pax Deals? Grav, Bear Quartz discounts? Bongs, rigs, and pipes? Trays, grinders, bags, and cleaners?

Only at Vape Militia, the answer is, YES!

The best smoke shop Black Friday is happening at Vape Militia.

See all the Black Friday Smoke Deals At Vape Militia

Delta 8 Black Friday

Looking for the best deals on Delta 8?

How about premium Delta 8 for less than the price of the others?

Including all the deltas, 8, 9, 10, THCO, THCP, etc. 

Vape Militia’s got you. 

See all the Black Friday Delta 8 Deals At Vape Militia

CBD Black Friday

CBD pet treats, topicals, teas, gummies, carts or disposables. Vape Militia is the premier choice.

See all the Black Friday CBD Deals At Vape Militia

Kratom Black Friday

Katy’s Premier Kratom Shop. Get the best kratom for the absolute best price. 

See all the Black Friday Kratom Deals At Vape Militia

Believe in Quality. Sacrifice Nothing.

Even during Black Friday. Read about Vape Militia’s philosophy on “deals,” “discounts,” and “sales.”

Not your average Black Friday at Vape Militia

Vape Militia sees the holiday sale, deal, and discount season as an opportunity to give back to our members. 

There are a few things we will do and some we will never do. 

We will never stock a product just so we can offer it at a “deal.”

You will find some stores that have a “$10 vape device” deal. But, what happens next week or the week after when you need coils, and they can not be found?

The store you bought it from does not have them. We definitely won’t. In the nearly decade of being the Premier vape, smoke, cbd, and kratom shop, we have seen this happen to unsuspecting consumers countless times.

What ends up happening? Well, they usually become a Vape Militia member and buy a device from us because we have coils or pods for the devices we carry, even the discounted ones.

We will never attempt to trick you.

We don’t do “doorbusters.” Do you really want to wait in line for a decent deal on an item and find out they only had two, and you were third in line? and then have them tell you…”Well, we have this vape for $10.”

We don’t do “grab bags.”  I promise you would be happy if you bought one of these for $20 and there were two 100mls of your favorite e-liquid inside. But what are the odds of that happening? You will more likely end up with the $20 version of that $10 device, and you won’t be able to find the coils or pods for that device either. 

This goes for e-liquid, CBD, Delta 8, etc. as well. Why would you buy it at a discount if you wouldn’t pay full price?

Overly sweet eliquid that will fry your coils in a few refills? Or it is expired, and you did not know when you purchased it. Never at Vape Militia.

CBD or Delta with no lab reports, so you have no idea what is actually in the product you are buying? Not at Vape Militia.

Regardless of how cheap it is, what is the actual cost? No need to ask this question at Vape Militia.

We would rather maintain the highest level of member service. If we don’t or wouldn’t usually stock it, you won’t see it on our shelves for some ridiculously cheap price; that’s not really a deal.

In our opinion, doing these things is not truly offering you a deal. Since we believe we must continue to care for our members after the purchase. If you happen to have an issue or hate that item, it would be our obligation to make that right.

We would much rather not put you through that. But instead, it makes much more sense to do the exact opposite and then go one step beyond that.

What does that mean?

Well, it’s quite simple. We discount the favorites that you normally find in our store. Just select a category above and see what real deals are.

Additionally, you still get member rewards points for those purchases. Although you can not use rewards in conjunction with these deals, but you can save them and use them next time. It’s like the gift that keeps on giving, that you actually want.

Yes, we have discontinued devices and sell them for dirt cheap. And we have the coils or pods.

Yes, we have discontinued e-liquid, and some of it may have expired; it happens.

Expired e-liquid is still safe to vape. However, there may be changes to the color or the flavor. Regardless, we will clearly mark them, so you know, before you buy them. 

Vape Militia is not your average vape shop. Don’t settle for average, even if it’s at a discount.

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