American Made Glass

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American Made Artisan Glass

Elegant, hand-crafted artistic glass bongs, pipes and rigs can bring a commanding presence to any glass collection.

Artisan glass in Texas captures the dance of light and color like a beautiful Texas sunset. With everything from fanciful swirls and color-changing designs, artisan glass is sure to spark a conversation among admirers.

Artisan glass brings attention to detail that elevates the quality of hits far beyond most. With added beauty and expertly designed function artisan glass adds to the enjoyment of your smoking sessions.

What is Artisan Glass?

Artisan pieces are often one-of-a-kind pieces made in the USA — using the highest quality materials.

The artisan glass is made by professional and creative artists with recognizable aesthetic styles and a cult following high-end glass collectors.

Smoke from a piece of functional art.

Glass Made in the USA vs. China

Are artisan glass pieces made in the USA fundamentally different from or of better quality than glass made in China?

The short answer is yes, the longer answer is complicated. There are brands that make good quality glass that is imported from China, we even carry some.

When it comes to American made glass, generally speaking, you do get a higher quality product for a similar price. Although you can definitely find very expensive show stopper pieces that you will not find on the import shelf.

However, Vape Militia would rather concentrate on the positives. Everything has a time and a place, import glass does as well.

Many artisan glass pieces are made, bought, sold and traded as actual art, more than a usable piece, even though completely functional.

Artisan glass pieces can be very intricate and detailed and contain many facets added purely for beauty and the art.


Vape Militia is always looking for unique artistic glass pieces to add to our gallery.

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