It’s Time To Trash The Disposable!
Convert To A Refillable Device.

Convert From A Disposable or Prefilled Pod & Get 20% Off An Open System!

Do you currently vape a disposable device like the Puff Bar? Do you currently use Juul pods or Juul compatible pods?

Now is the PERFECT time to switch to a refillable device.
For the month of January trade-in your disposable device and get 20% off any refillable/open device.
Vape Militia has always predicted that the FDA and the government would restrict closed or prefilled pods and devices. An announcement on this restriction of closed devices and pods is expected in the coming days.

In 2015, Juul started the ultra-convenient, prefilled pod or closed system devices and pods. Vape Militia has always believed that any person under the legal age should not have access to any type of adult vaping product.  Unfortunately, due to the fact that closed devices and pods are very easy to hide, this style of vaping became very popular with underage vapors.

Vape Militia has always supported open system devices or refillable devices as the best way for smokers to quit smoking and switch to vaping a healthier alternative.

We know there are many adult vapors that use closed vaping devices and we understand that this convenient, easy to manage option to vape and has helped so many stay away from the stinkies. That does not change our professional choice to recommend a refillable or open device to our customers.

Since Vape Militia still and will always believe this we are going to put up several options, sales, discounts over the next few weeks to help our adult vapors that chose to vape with a closed device or prefilled pod. Starting with 20% off an open device when you trade in your closed pod system or device.

To keep this as an exclusive deal you must have a Vape Militia Reward account, which 90% of our customers our current members. If not just sign up, the rewards are worth the 45 seconds it takes to sign up, and you must actually have a closed device to trade in, even if you didn’t purchase it from us. Vuse, Njoy, Blu, Juul,(all we do not sell, and anything else similar counts) Puff Bar (or any other type of disposable), anything that is a closed device we will take and give you 20% off!